Voting for Thomas

We are lucky to have a Public Utility District (PUD) providing our electricity in Grays Harbor County. Because of our strong PUD, we pay much less for our power than most people in Western Washington; many of whom are at the mercy of private power companies. PUDs are far cheaper because they are not trying to turn a profit. Their goal is to provide the public with cheap and sustainable power. PUDs have been proven to be so much cheaper than private power companies that the private companies argue that PUDs are unfair. Through lawsuits, private power companies have successfully forced PUD customers to pay for a portion of private power customers’ electricity. Grays Harbor PUD continues to lead the fight against this absurd requirement. We, as PUD customers, should not be forced to subsidize the rates of those people who have not voted to have a PUD.

Citizens can elect to have their power provided through a PUD like we have done here in Grays Harbor County. Because our PUD is owned by the people, we elect the governing PUD Commissioners. Democrat Chris Thomas is thoughtful and an outspoken advocate for public power. As an economic analyst with the Washington State Department of Employment Security, Thomas is a numbers guy. He is committed to using his knowledge and skills to make decisions that ensure the long term viability of our PUD.

The PUD Commissioner is an extremely important position. If the PUD is not managed with a long-term perspective in mind, we could see our power privatized and our utility rates rise rapidly.

I support Chris Thomas. He has the background to make wise decisions and truly supports keeping power cheap through maintaining publicly owned power. If we keep our PUD in the hands of people that believe in it, we will enjoy the benefits for decades to come. Vote Chris Thomas for PUD Commissioner!

Jessica Bradley