Wants thorough investigation of Elma case

This letter is in regards to Jacob Jones’ article about the attempted child abduction.

First, why had the Elma Police Chief tried to sweep this under the rug? Whether this was a misunderstanding or an abduction attempt, a thorough investigation should follow. His actions are completely deplorable! His statements are absolutely ridiculous in nature. Did he follow any leads? Investigate to the fullest extent? Or just brush this off like it was nothing? He is employed to protect and serve the community.

We live in a small area, and most of us have not forgotten the missing Lindsey Baum case that is unsolved. Maybe Elma’s Police Chief has. He’s shown ignorance and arrogance in his “investigation” and statements following. Do your job. And as for the columnist, how much investigation did you follow up with, before you wrote the article? Did you interview all person’s involved? I don’t think so. Why wasn’t the younger girl who stepped in to interrupt the man in question interviewed? I understand you need to write fair and balanced news, but you should do a better job of investigating a story before printing it.

Stephen Herrington