We’re one great big OK Corral

The people of Colorado, Connecticut and New York are currently drafting gun control measures, measures that would never have been thought of or drafted in those states were it not for mass shootings or high murder rates.

When it comes to hand gun high murder rates in various other states, apparently nobody cares because it’s considered normal behavior. It’s only when mass shootings with large capacity weapons are on our own doorstep and happening to our own citizens and family that we’re suddenly willing to take action.

Gun shootings and deaths in Washington state seem to be in the news once a week (or am I dreaming?). Seattle may be a nice place, but somehow I don’t think I want to take the chance of being up there in the cross fire. Guns are rampant and we’re supposed to hire armed guards everywhere, go out and get guns for ourselves for protection from the bad guys, and have our employees pack heat from schools to shopping malls.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, let’s face it, the United States is becoming an armed camp and one great big gun totin’ OK Corral. Guns will always be available to mad men so long as large numbers of decent upstanding folk have their weapons hanging about the house, just waiting for some crazy family member, friend or break-in to grab their guns and go out on a rampage.

Jerry Taylor