We’re wiring them for violence

While there seems to be no easy solution to the gun control issue, there is an easy solution to the mindset being generated by violent video games.

These games create an atmosphere of killing, using guns and war toys without the responsibility of what they create. They create death, blood and maimed bodies as “winners” in the games.

They are rampant in the lives of young people, starting in grade school. They are designed to desensitize the players as to the outcomes of the use of guns, war toys and killing. Video games are sold as “toys” for young people. They are addictive simulators of war, death and destruction.

Play guns are sold as toys, real guns are not. People’s constitutional rights should be protected, but unless the mind manipulation of our children with violent video games and the violence on TV doesn’t stop, we will continue to create an out-of-control society with beings armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction and no clue to the consequence.

Meta Earthling

North River