We need Jay Inslee

We face a governor’s race this year in Washington that is not just about a political party but about who really looks out for the people of Washington.

Rob McKenna has spent his last two years as attorney general, pursuing a costly battle against the Affordable Care Act, shirking his duties at the state and pursuing a partisan agenda that is ruining the country. If he had his way, Washingtonians would still be discriminated against by pre-existing conditions and even gender when entering the insurance market. Young adults, burdened by college expenses, would be left without support, and seniors would be crushed under the rising cost of prescription drugs.

We need Jay Inslee, who protects Washingtonians, not works to undo their progress. More than ever, we need a governor who spends his time focused on Washingtonians and our great state, not on national politics and a partisan agenda.

Marshall Tate

Ocean Park