We, the sheeple

Well, with the unrest in the world and our “Big Business” run government, I had just about given up on commenting on the state of affairs that the human race is in.

Expecting one “party” to solve our problems, seems to be one of the problems! Campaign financing, our voting system and news coverage is a real “joke” on us all. Just how many people know that the Federal Reserve isn’t part of our government? It’s “global Big Business’s” front man. As I’ve stated in the past “I didn’t come to this planet to buy and sell it.” Our failing fiscal “cliff” and the decline of 90 percent of Americans’ way of life is because we, like brainwashed “sheeple,” waste our resources, over consume and disrespect our environment.

We allowed the “big business global elite” to destroy our food supply with genetically engineered foods, abuse and torture our “food” animals and market foods that will kill with cancer-causing fertilizers, additives and preservatives. Oh boy, tomatoes that last for months because of “flounder fish” genes but taste like cardboard! And say, how about AIDS, ebola and the other bioengineered and mutated genetic killers set loose on the planet?

It looks like we also bought the idea that the pollution we are being buried in is OK. Check out “chemtrails,” “nuclear waste” and poisonous plastics. Our ridiculous health care system is set up to enrich the “legal drug” companies and dealers, including our overpriced health care system and the blood sucking insurance companies. Of course those beings scratching for survival can hardly keep track of the enormous waste our “servant” the government spends on its own health care, retirements and special perks. Not to mention the bloated budget for foreign aid to countries that laugh behind our backs.

We aren’t another “Greece.” They don’t have a bloated military budget that they waste funds on. We do! Our military budget, along with the FBI, CIA and black budgets would feed, shelter and educate every American who needed it. Do I sound unhappy? Mostly I am ashamed of the human race. We are “war mongers,” greedy and unhealthy as a whole, both physically and spiritually. We are being “brainwashed” to take sides in one fight or another, we are “sheeple,” asleep to the bigger picture.

If you’re not totally exhausted with survival, check out “the Georgia Guide Stones,” “Haarp.” “D.U.M.B.S” or “Phil Schneider.” Maybe the “sheeple” aren’t being told the truth! I think we all should be prepared to fend for ourselves. Gee! Now that we have legalized marijuana, how about legalizing freedom and truth too?

Meta Earthling

North River