Paws of Grays Harbor wishes to thank Dr. John Stevenson of Companion Animal Hospital for administering rabies vaccine to 123 dogs and cats on May 5 at our annual rabies clinic.

Jeff Muhlhauser and Steve Gaston assisted Dr. Stevenson. Other volunteers who helped were Jordan Muhlhauser, Pat Englund, Rebekah Reid, Christy Roberts and her daughter Angie, Inga Johnson, Sharon Gaston, Val West and myself.

We are so proud of Dr. John as he was voted the best veterinarian for 2012 — and he’s won 10 years out of 11.

If people have questions about their pets he answers them as he administers the vaccine.

Thanks also to Lisa Craig and Sherry Skye for the goodies and to the other volunteers who provided lunch.

As usual, we are always in need of more volunteers. Call 533-1141. And remember to spay and neuter your pets.

Leona Weiland