Westway supports levy

I am writing on behalf of Westway Terminal Co. LLC in support of the City of Hoquiam’s ladder truck levy.

The Hoquiam Fire Department plays a critical role in providing early response and protection to businesses within the Port of Grays Harbor and the surrounding community. The Hoquiam Fire Department is in need of a new ladder truck to replace the ladder truck removed from service two years ago. Without this resource in place, the department lacks the necessary tools to successfully respond to emergencies where extenuating circumstances are present.

Westway’s facility consists of structures greater than 40 feet in height. If an emergency were to take place at such a height and response was necessary without the use of a ladder truck, the time necessary and difficulty of rescue would be increased significantly. Additionally, the surrounding community would benefit during any circumstance where response or suppressive water flow was necessary above the department’s current two-story limitation.

The safety of our employees and surrounding neighbors is our number one priority. Having quick and efficient access to emergency response from the Hoquiam Fire Department is essential for us to be able to conduct business safely. With this in mind Westway is proud to support the passage of the ladder truck levy, which will ensure continued public safety for all residents and businesses of Hoquiam.

John S. Doucette

Terminal Manager

Westway Terminal Company, LLC