What’s the difference?

Please help me! I have asked people for years to help me to understand something and as yet no one has been able to explain our schizoid legal system concerning unborn babies. Is an unborn baby a person or a nonperson? I would like to present two hypothetical scenarios to show you what I mean.

Scenario No. 1

A pregnant woman is driving down Main Street in Anytown, USA when a man talking on a cell phone fails to stop at a cross street and T-bones the woman’s car. The woman and the unborn child both die. The man driving the other car is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. Evidently, the unborn baby is deemed a person.

Scenario No. 2

The same pregnant woman on the same day drives down Main Street, Anytown, USA and turns right on Abortion Lane and parks in front of a nice looking building that is a Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill. She enters the building and minutes later the same man who is the driver in scenario number one and just happens to be a doctor parks in the rear and enters the building. He subsequently performed an abortion on the woman. Evidently, in this case the unborn baby is deemed a nonperson and the doctor is well paid, possibly with taxpayer money.

The end result in both scenarios regarding the unborn baby is the same — the cessation of human life. One is criminal and the other is legal. And I ask you how can you have it both ways?

Robert Brooks Sr.