What’s good for the goose …

Now that Mr. Romney has chosen his running mate in Representative Paul Ryan, the first item this team has chose to “trim” in order to have a balanced budget is Medicare.

Millions of hard working Americans are and will be depending on the safety net for their health benefits in the coming years. Many have paid into this program all of their adult lives and are beginning to enter retirement. If all Americans are going to have to endure some pain and suffering in order to get a grip on the budgetary issues facing this country, why are some Americans better than others in regard to their medical plans, and will not have to endure the pain and suffering?

I specifically want to know why Congress and the powers that be have not yet identified the extremely plush pension and medical benefit packages only available to our elected officials for “trimming?” Why are they not subject to the same provisions of Social Security and Medicare that most Americans who have worked 30-plus years are eligible for?

I wrote Sens. Murray and Cantwell about this issue months ago and neither one wrote back to me. Why, after serving in most cases considerably less than 30 years in Congress (I never throught serving the American people as an elected official was supposed to be a career path!) are they eligible for such lucrative special benefits packages that are not being examined in these difficult times? Were they not elected to represent the citizens and thus lead by example?

When Mr. Ryan begins his discourse on how he plans to trim the special pensions and health benefits for members of Congress and declares that the pain and suffering of balancing the budget will be carried by all American citizens, including members of Congress, I will begin to listen to what he has to say. I just hope and pray working class Americans are paying close attention and doing their homework as they prepare to go to the polls in November.

Alan D. Rammer