What’s Romney’s plan?

I’ve scanned over a couple of letters to the editor lately excoriating the president for taking too many days off, or for his health care plan, which by the way has been judged to be constitutional, or his progress on the economy and jobs, despite the out and out obstruction by the so-called “loyal opposition.”

But I haven’t read many letters highlighting the Republican nominee for president or what his grand plan is for moving this nation forward. Just talking smack about our current president, Barack Obama, isn’t going to cut it for most progressive or independents like me. Like Mr. Rapp of Elma couldn’t bring himself to do in his last letter. His name is Mitt Romney and he’s really not that concerned about the very poor. We have the safety nets there for that.

Even though he supports the draconian Ryan budget, which cuts what little help the poor are currently getting.

His name is Mitt Romney and he believes “corporations are too people, my friends.” Well, at least he agrees with the Supreme Court on something.

His name is Mitt Romney and I can’t wait for the presidential debates when he has to answer to all the lies he’s been repeating over and over during the campaign to the moderator, the President of the United States and the nation.

Michael L. Harp Sr.