What’s the rush?

Thanks go out to Commissioner Terry Willis as she pushed for a public hearing regarding the proposed transfer of the Satsop Public Development Authority (PDA) to the Port of Grays Harbor. I am not convinced the transfer is a good thing for the county.

I think the PDA has run fine under the current structure, and while replacing Tami Garrow will be a chore, it is far from an insurmountable task. Handing more authority over to the Port is completely unnecessary. The Port has enough vacant land of its own to worry about and doesn’t need the added pressure of finding businesses for Satsop.

Before the County Commissioners take this irrevocable action it needs careful analysis of cost-benefit. And unlike the Walmart fiasco at the Port, the public should have a chance to find out as much information as possible.

It would be a mistake to rush into signing off on it.

Jim Eddy