What exactly are they thinking?

While the county commissioners are awaiting input on the effectiveness of the “needle exchange program, the City of Aberdeen Parks Department is giving some input that’s proving the entire program to be totally ineffective and without

merit. The program is a total waste of taxpayer money.

As reported on Sept. 24, in The Daily World, the headlines read “Commissioners weighing public input on needle exchange” and on the same page, “City faces task to keep park facilities clean and safe.”

All the county has to do to get the answers is read the paper! But no — they would rather have us think that they “care” by seeking input.

The proof is in looking at some of the issues reported on in The Daily World such as:

1. The needles and broken fixtures got so bad at Franklin Field, they decided to remove the restroom.

2. Finch is where a new stainless steel container for disposing of syringes was vandalized, and discovered to be empty, while needles were found nearby.

3. Sam Benn has had broken doors, sinks, camp-style fires set, graffiti and a problem with needles.

Crews find needles in the parks almost every day. Fortunately, Parks Maintenance Supervisor Craig Coic said, most are capped. Only twice has he found an uncapped needle, he added. Oh, that just makes everything OK, doesn’t it? Put one of those capped needles in a child’s hands and find out how long it takes for them to remove the cap!

Stainless steel needle containers purchased for several hundred dollars expressly so drug users can dispose of their needles safely, have essentially not been used, they said.

Here’s a news flash for the county commissioners, drug addicts (aka, “tweekers”) don’t care anything but about getting high. Drug use and abuse is first and foremost a crime, not an illness! If we as a society quit enabling these guys with needles, pity and more government programs that simply don’t work, the problem would, for the most part, take care of itself!

If the county commissioners don’t get that, I suggest they step aside so we elect more qualified people!

Last but not least, Grays Harbor County consistently has the highest unemployment rate in the state (and was again last month) and the commissioners have prioritized this issue as the one that will put people back to work?

So what exactly are they thinking?

Bruce Daniels