When did this kind of target practice become acceptable?

I saved Saturday’s edition of The Daily World until Sunday afternoon after church and my heart dropped when my eyes were immediately drawn to the colored picture of the bullseye on the donkey.

I didn’t even read the caption. I didn’t care what it said and I still don’t . It just made me sick to my stomach.

I could care less about party affiliation. Even if it had been an elephant — it is just plain wrong!

I wonder when some child who has been to the fair will remember this poster when they see a live donkey, a pony or even a dog or cat. Will they remember this “game” and throw something at a live animal to see if they can hit it?

Believe me, there are children who will.

What in the world are adults thinking? The last I knew, the Grays Harbor Fair was for family fun. When did our political people get so self-centered within their party that things like this become fun?

Whether I’m a Democrat or a Republican or even an Independent, it doesn’t matter. Use common sense, if you can.

I don’t like what we have become as a nation, and things like this sure don’t help teach our future generations! Times are a lot different than in the days of children’s birthday parties and they played “Pin the Tail on the Donkey!”

Shame on you.

Janice Roberts