When is it his turn?

When is it his turn?

Our family has lived in our home at Broadway and 3rd Street for 30 years. During this time we have remodeled the entire structure, basement to roof, including a new lawn seven years ago. We do the maintenance ourselves, and take great pride in our accomplishments.

In the summer of 2010, I called the city numerous times complaining about the sidewalk being in need of repair, stating that numerous times we’ve seen joggers, dog walkers, wheelchairs, etc. stumble and fall down, getting hurt due to the 5-inch raised section of concrete on the sidewalk.

To my surprise, one year later I come home one evening, there is a message on the answering machine. The Director of the Road Department leaves his name and phone number, stating he is going to address the issue. And just be patient.

Well here it is November 2011, and I see the crew is working on Broadway and Second Street. I walk down, check it out, talk with “Larry,” who says they’re working their way up Broadway. Cool. Beginning of December 2011, I see they’re right across 3rd Street fixing the corner and storm drain. I go over, touch base with them to see when ours will be fixed. They inform me, you’re next! As I’m mowing the lawn, the boss man comes over saying the trees will need a light trim so an excavator can access the area, and where should they put the landscape bricks while construction is going on. I show them, he goes over the plan with me, and I say I’ll trim the trees, so, I do. As the week goes by, I see paint markings on the street, for utilities and such, and explain how the storm drain has made our yard sink. He concurs and states after the holidays, they will begin. Oh happy day!

Well, here it is 2013, and just about every corner on Simpson and Sumner Street are being redone, now I see State Street by Safeway is being redone. What gives?

We have McDermoth to the west one block, Aberdeen High School one block east, church and Animal Hospital across Broadway, doctors’ offices north and south of us, needless to say very high foot traffic all the time. Just last week two young children went down literally face first on the sidewalk.

When we chose Aberdeen, it was because of the close knit community values, kindness of the neighbors, the caring about one another as a whole. With the City, it disheartens us how they can bold face lie to us and don’t care. The shabby sidewalk and corner are decreasing our property value, and appearance, yet property taxes increase. We are not getting what we pay for. That stinks. So, City of Aberdeen, do what you said you were going to do and fix the sidewalk, corner and storm drain.

Jerry Makules