When will we talk about gun control?

Every so often there is horrific gun violence in this country due to one individual amassing guns in their home. And, it’s perfectly legal to amass guns under the Second Constitutional amendment. Is there an answer? No, because guns mean votes for politicians come election time. The only opposing voice crying out in the wilderness about gun restrictions is the mayor of New York.

My experience is that gun shops are mostly packed with men all the time. So even though we condemn shootings of “evil people” as we just did in Colorado, we don’t do anything about the guns, as we still tend to be an extension of the Old West more than what’s cited in the Constitution as “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It said bear arms, not guns!

Probably, the majority of people who own guns are normal when they purchase them. However, medication, social strains, job loss, divorce and many other reasons can set off a seemingly normal individual to go out and start on an indiscriminate shooting rampage. So, in my opinion, having heart-to-heart talks with our children about guns will do nothing to curb the violence that may be in their future. Condolences and the idea of the community coming together after these shooting events is appropriate and nice. But, nobody — and I mean nobody — will stand up and say “enough is enough.”

Restricting gun ownership and AK47s? That, my friends, will always be a political non-starter argument in this country. So, I guess, since nobody can or will discuss restricting arms and guns, we will hear more mayors and presidents in the future, giving their condolences to family members who lose their precious children and family members due to weapons of mass destruction in private homes. Perhaps the only answer is to have manufacturers of guns be required to embed micro chips inside all guns that will set off detectors in places like theaters as you go through the turnstiles. Has anybody ever thought of that? They probably never will! Politics will trump common sense every time!

Jerry Taylor