Where is the outrage?

My first instinct after reading about the young girl who was spat upon at the Loggers Playday Parade was to write a letter to the editor indicting the Democratic party for this kind of behavior. But I realized no one knows if this was a Democrat, a drunk, a coward, an idiot or a combination. The newspaper article did state this individual shouted insults and profanities at all the people involved in this specific campaign. Since the people being accosted and insulted were Republican candidate James Watkins, his family and his followers, it seems reasonable to assume that this thug identified with the Democratic party, whether or not the Democratic party identifies with him.

As a Republican, I do not indict all Democrats, but I wonder about the lack of response by Democrats.

If this was a Republican I would denounce this goon and would try to prevent him from taking part in any future Republican event. As an example, there is an idiot in Missouri running for the United States Senate as a Republican who stated a woman cannot get pregnant if she is raped. Dozens of Republican’s refuted his idiotic claim, including Mitt Romney. Years ago, it was Arizona Republican Senator Barry Goldwater who confronted President Nixon and told him to resign after Watergate. When Republicans do something really stupid, they are held to account by other Republicans.

Is it fear that prevents the regular Democratic letter writers from responding to these issues? Is it politics that prevents the County Democratic leaders from responding to these issues?

Ardean A. Anvik