Whose fault is it?

After reading the very sad report in The Daily World concerning the acidic/polluted waters impacting oyster farmers who now have to go to Hawaii for their seed, I would like to add my two cents.

The oyster farmers who belong to the PCSGA (Pacific Shellfish Growers Association) who have been spraying the chemical carbaryl (SEVIN) for shrimp and crab control(40+ years) and also advocate and spray the herbicide chemical (ROUND-UP) and other unknown inert ingredients to control spartina which is native to Pacific waters (20+ years) and most recently ell grass, I will cry no tears. They deserve what they created. (See Washington Deptartment Of Ecology Biocide Permits). However, I will instead cry my tears for the needless killing of Salmon, Whales, Sea Birds and other innocent mammals and fish caught in their chemical sprays. And while I am crying, I will cry out to Hawaii, to watch carefully that they don’t do what they did to our Twin Harbors! (i.e. pollute them.)

Please don’t eat chemical-flavored oysters. Ask before you buy. Don’t do it for me, but do it for your health.

Steven Bova

Ocean Shores