Willis supporter

I am writing in regards to the Oct. 18, article concerning Wes Cormier’s desire to “deregulate and get government out of the way.” Mr. Cormier states “if a restaurant routinely makes people sick it will go out of business.” If I read the article correctly it infers that we the public should wait until we have an epidemic situation before action is taken by the people.

As a nurse for the past 35 years who has made it her life ambition to heal the sick and injured, I can tell you first hand that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Your approach of wait and see what happens concerns me.

While it can be agreed upon that some of our regulations in other departments need addressing we should go with great caution in bundling our county health department regulations in with other department regulations.

Our health codes are and were written on good science but a history of very injurious if not fatal lessons by individuals and the public. They are in place for a very good reason. This is especially true when it pertains to food handling and processing. Grays Harbor Environmental Health Departments’ primary function is to educate and prevent history from repeating itself Mr. Cormier.

I believe we need someone with measured restraint, fiscal prudence and experience to lead us through the next four years.

In researching and considering the past and current positions that Terry Willis has served on, her record of getting the job done precedes her. Her commendable work ethic and analytical eye for detail is a strong plus and an obvious choice for re-election.

Pauline Young