Witness explains what he saw

It is really sad how things can be blown out of proportion when all the facts aren’t in.

After reading the Daily World article and talking to the Elma Police Department we agree with Mr. Sturgill, there should be additional investigation of the attempted abduction at the 10th Street Park in Elma. Mr. Sturgill said it’s very suspicious. The facts don’t add up. We want to know why is a 3-year-old girl playing on the slide at the play ground unsupervised? Where was Mr. Sturgill playing ball with a friend’s child? Mr. Sturgill said he saw a man leading his daughter away. If that’s true, he should have been chasing him and his daughter.

We saw a blonde, little girl, a white male with brown hair and a young girl on a bicycle near the railroad tracks. We heard the man asking the little girl where she lived, they stopped in front of a white house. The man asked the little girl, “Do you live here?” They walked to the alley. The man asked which way do you live and she pointed down the alley toward 9th Street. The man turned to his daughter and said, “Follow us down the alley.” All three walked down the alley. Mr. Sturgill claims he watched the man and his little girl walk down the alley and disappear. We saw nobody around as the three went down the alley.

Later I was going to work when I received a text message of an attempted abduction in Elma.

I called 9-1-1 and the operator said everything is fine, the little girl is fine and is with her dad. I gave my statement to 9-1-1 and other agencies.

Earl Hari (the independent witness)