Workers didn’t create the problem

President Obama recently stated to the nation,”We must find a responsible, fair, balanced way to reduce the deficit.” He’s noted “fixing” Medicare and Social Security. It is irrational and a fraud to propose that the U.S. worker/taxpayer and the programs we’ve paid into, pay for a problem we did not create.

Those who created the deficit are “entitled” to learn from their mistakes i.e. Wall Street persons through their reckless gambling made possible by the benign neglect of our trusted servants, removing regulation that protected us from the profane profiteers; the military industrial complex and unethical/incompetent contractors whose insatiable appetite for war and their immoral actions that made the case for unconstitutional and wasteful security programs with bloated budgets; also the wealthiest 1 percent who benefited disproportionately from Bush’s tax cuts.

Medicare costs increase as insurance and medical industry seek higher profit margins; Social Security is solvent until 2030, yet has been on the GOP’s menu whenever they’re at the table.

Val Ayres

Copalis Crossing