World’s oldest profession isn’t shipping oil

I am astonished by the glib statement from Chuck Caldwell that he needn’t be bothered to reply to Mayor Durney’s request for comment about the Quebec oil train derailment because “It’s a natural disaster.” To think that the fate of our fragile Harbor estuary is in the hands of people like this is mind boggling. Unfortunately, the Harbor, now desperate for jobs, is eyed as the perfect place to dump every dirty and dangerous industry because it is thought we will embrace anything now.

It hasn’t been so long ago that Weyerhaeuser and ITT Rayonier were using our land, air and Chehalis River as a toilet for poisons that almost decimated our native fish runs, aside from other horrendous impacts. Do we really want to revisit that risk by allowing the Port to fast track our environment into a repository of all the dregs of dirty industry? Are we that hungry for a handful of jobs?

To those who clamor for a few hundred jobs of such nature, with no heed for any other potential this community might have, I say let’s reopen the once flourishing local business of prostitution to employ your wives and daughters in order to take up the slack. Since you seem to have no qualms about prostituting our environment, turn about is just fair play.

Tori Kovach