Wouldn’t it be nice if Washington went red?

As I was watching the Republican convention, I noticed how the Republican governors turned their states around. There were four or five governors who came into their job with their states in the red. Some of the states were $2 billion in the red. They got to work and worked across the aisle with the other party and did a fantastic job.

The governors were saying how they got their states in the black, with some real money in reserve for a later problem, if some came along. They didn’t raise taxes, they cut wasteful spending.

I wonder if Rob McKenna has a plan for Washington. I betcha he does. That way we could get Washington back in the black and have no more special sessions like we have been having where they try to figure out who to raise taxes on, and what to raise taxes on.

If we were so fortunate to get Rob McKenna for governor, I know things will start looking up for us.

We do not need another tax-and-spend liberal like we have had.

Another point I want to bring up is Bill Clinton and that ad he has been on. He says Obama has the best plan to get the middle class back to work. I say where is it? Why wait for a second term to bring out a big plan to help the folks out? I got to thinking about that, and it came to me that Mr. Clinton has been shown to be a liar, and I believe he is lying here also. You know what they say, once you’re caught in a lie you can’t be trusted again.

And here is another thing that is wrong: President Obama says Mitt Romney wants to take us back to the Bush years. I say, let’s go. Things back then were a lot better than they are now. The unemployment was as low as 4.2. Yes, let’s go back to the Bush years. You can start naming things that were cheaper when George Bush was president. Things like gas, milk, bread. Even your take-home pay was more when Bush was president. Along came Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the two biggest Liberals in congress. Those two scared the small business owners, because you didn’t know what kind of regulation or tax they would put out. People just stayed put and kept their money so they could ride the storm out without too much damage. Then that health care monstrosity hit, and people went further into hiding and holding on to their money.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we woke up the day after the election and Washington has gone red?

James W. Miller Sr.