You have the right to vote, exercise it

I registered as a Democrat when I turned 18. John F. Kennedy had been assassinated four years earlier. As a young person touched by his message, I wanted to follow his lead. I must confess, it has been many years since I have voted for a Democrat for president. The president we have now is particularly worrisome to me and many others. He is very good looking and is a wonderful speaker. That’s not enough, in my book, to earn him another four years. However, I fully expect Washington to give him all their electoral votes. That’s just the nature of things here. We all have a choice, that’s the beauty of freedom, but you don’t have a choice if you don’t vote!

It makes me cringe when I hear that not even 50 percent of voters returned their ballots in the last local election. I expect it will be higher this time, as we are electing a president. In Washington, they make it easy for us; mark your ballot, sign it, and mail it or deliver it in person. Are many of our voters just lazy, or do they feel they just don’t know enough to make an educated decision? There is so much information out there. You just need to do some investigation. You all seem to have these new cell phones that can do everything, and most people have access to a computer. This is a very important election. We need to wake up! When “the many” don’t concern themselves enough to vote, “the few” will set the course for our future. Many have fought and died so that we have the right to vote. Why do so many people easily cast that right away?

One additional remark: I agree completely with Sam Mallow of Aberdeen, when he wrote to say that this paper leans left (as do many others). The liberal mainstream media can pat themselves on the back if President Obama is re-elected. You reap what you sow. May God see fit to continue to bless the United States of America!

Virginia Swinhart