Reader Opinion — There is help out there!

I am writing this letter filled with sadness. Friday night, a woman was walking a dog and found a deceased baby.

I am sad for the woman who came upon the child. That must have been a horrific scene and I hope that she has someone to talk to about her experience. I am sad for the baby because the child wasn’t given a chance and was never able to experience all the beauty that life has to offer. I am sad for the mother, who must have been desperate and needed help.

There is help out there! If this woman or any other person involved in her life would have called the non-emergency 911 number, they would have been directed to The Children’s Advocacy Center of Grays Harbor. We have a Crisis Nursery and Crisis Counselors who can help. We can provide resources and we can take children from birth to age 8 and care for them for up to 72 hours. If this mom had called us, she would have likely talked to me and I could have helped her to problem solve. I would have picked up her baby and driven it to the CAC in Montesano. I would have called staff and volunteers to care for this baby so that mom could get the help that she needed. We could have prevented this tragedy. Our facility is warm and inviting — it is a safe and caring environment and we are licensed through the state of Washington to provide this service.

Our Crisis Nursery is available 24 hours a day to anyone who needs help with children and doesn’t know where to turn — Come to us! We WANT to help. Tragedies like this one are 100 percent preventable and thanks to the generosity of our community — the CAC can and will help.

My thoughts are with all of the first responders and community partners who are working to respond to this tragedy. The law enforcement and Child Protective Services personnel who are working to put the pieces together and hold someone accountable for this horrendous choice have my appreciation and condolences. I truly wish that this was a busy weekend for my staff and that they were working hard to care for this precious baby, because no one ever wants to respond to a tragedy like this. We will always work as hard as we can to prevent them from happening. PLEASE call the CAC when you need help! 249-0005

Angela Coulter is the executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Grays Harbor.