HABIT returns this morning at Grays Harbor Country Club

The Northwest’s best women’s golfers will return to Grays Harbor Country Club this morning for the Harbor Annual Best Ball Invitational Golf Tournament (HABIT).

This year, the HABIT is a one-day tournament. Play started at 9 o’clock this morning.

Gretchen Klein, of GHCC, will reunite with her longtime tournament partner Patty Sundstrom to defend her 2012 title. Klein paired up with DuPont’s Robyn McClymonds to win the tournament by three strokes.

Sundstrom didn’t play last year due to injury, but paired with Klein to win the HABIT in 2009 and 2010.

Here are pairings for the opening round:

1A — Gretchen Klein-Patty Sundstrom, Joan Cathey-Shelley O’Connell, Debbie Everly-Dorie Panette. 2A — Cheryl Ulrich-JoAnne Barter, Gladys Hill-Joni Chanaur. 2B — Rieta Hill-Suzie Park, Robbi Alberts-Lesley Robert Shaw-Mosley. 3A — Nancy Ludwig-Karon Strada, Mary Lou Wicken-Toni Stevens. 4A — Monica Williams-Cindy Stice, Lorraine Snider-Diane Cosper. 4B — Julie Estes-Cherry Scure, Ruth Beck-Patty Fisher. 5A — Kathy Parker-Melanie Bickar, Sharon Cammarano-Linda Hulbert. 6A — Luana Ellis-Billie Elms, Val Parker-Judy Paul. 7A — Vicki Storment-Lorrinn Turner, Irene Stipic-Jan Morgan. 8A — Martha Craighead-Teri Daneker, Margaret Thompson-Lore Ater. 9A — Sandy Dahlstrom-Marlene Rognlin, Julie Brumfield-Judy Stiles.