2012 Twin Harbors volleyball capsules

Montesano, Hoquiam, South Bend, Willapa Valley and Lake Quinault are among the Twin Harbors volleyball teams faring well thus far this season., while Aberdeen and Valley have demonstrated exceptional improvement.

Capsule profiles of area teams (Elma, North Beach and Lake Quinault did not respond to a questionnaire):



Coach: Wilma Weber, second year.

Returning letterwinners: Heather Dublanko, Sr.; Alahna Weber, Sr.; Brittany Flohr, Sr.; Kelsey Scott, Sr.; Erika Nelson, Jr.; Lily Walsh, Jr.; Maddy Farrer, Jr.

Promising newcomers: Kiana Dixon, Jr.; Tiana Blackburn, Jr.; Ally Jennings, Freshman.

Coach’s comments: “We have a good core returning this season and have some added quickness on defense with the addition of Kiana Dixon in the middle and Ally Jennings as libero. Seniors Alahna Weber, Brittany Flohr and Heather Dublanko have all been making solid contributions at the net, on defense and with leadership as well. I expect Tiana and Erika to continue to compete for a starting position and Lily Walsh to add some quality rotations as setter and backside hittery. Kelsey Scott has great court sense and I know I can count on her to sub in most every position on the floor. I am truly looking forward to coaching this group of girls this season because they have already exhibited growth.

Evergreen 2A favorites: Tumwater, Black Hills and Capital.



Coach: Christine Nelson, second year at HHS.

Returning letterwinners: Tiffany Dhooghe, Sr.; Jessica Madison, Sr.; Chelsy Stewart, Sr.; Angela Walker, Sr.; Kayla Boome, Sr.; Brandi Creviston, Jr.; Mikaila Johnson, Jr.; Haley Bell, Jr.

Promising newcomers: Megan Gibson, Fresh.

Coach’s comments: “With eight returners and a talented new setter, we are looking to improve from last year. The girls are working extremely hard and we are ahead of where we ended last season. We are using experience to continue to play solid defense and run a balanced attack on offense. We have good team unity and continue to improve each game.”

Evergreen 1A favorites: Montesano, Forks.


Coach: Debbie Gibson, 18th year.

Returning letterwinners: Kendra Warnock, Sr.; Courtney Swan, Sr.; Ambi Howell, Jr.; Madi Studer, Jr.; Megan Choate, Soph.

Promising newcomers: Myranda Floch, Soph; Hannah Jensen, Soph.

Coach’s comments: “We are working hard this season and giving equal focus on all aspects of the game, as well as working on our strengths. This is a great group of girls that are very focused and determined to be the best they can be. They have high expectations of themselves and are striving to make sure they attain the goals they have set as individuals and, most importantly, as a team. I’m thankful every day to be part of a program that has tremendous support from its administration, community and parents.”

Evergreen 1A favorites: Forks and Hoquiam.



Coach: Jackie Sanchez, 16th year.

Returning letterwinners: Myranda Curtis, Sr.; Michaela Eastham, Sr.; Makenzie Russell, Jr.; Katlyn Sawyer, Jr.; Kaelani Collins, Jr.; Maddie Klus, Jr.; Kessa Wilson, Jr.; Emily Sanchez, Soph.

Promising newcomers: Kathryn Staats, Jr.; Morgan Patterson, Soph.; Rielly Myers, Soph.

Coach’s comments: “We have the majority of our team back from last year. They are a hard-working bunch of girls and they enjoy playing volleyball. Our focus of improvement is going to be on our ball-control this year and playing with intensity and the drive to win.”


Coach: Lori Snodgrass, second year.

Returning letterwinners: Abbee Bannish, Sr.; Michaela Huber, Sr.; Montana Christian, Sr.; Lauren Archer, Sr.; Emily Fluke, Jr.; Lauren Friese, Jr.; Mackenzie Trotter, Jr.; Allison Larew, Jr.; Karli Friese, Soph.

Promising newcomers: Sydney Wilkeson, Jr.; Brooke Spoor, Soph.

Coach’s comments: “This year, we are a more experienced team, with the majority of our varsity players returning from last year. What we lack in height, we hope to make up for in hustle and defense. Our goals for this year include becoming more consistent passers on serve-receive and extending our season into November.

Pacific League favorites: South Bend, Ocosta, Raymond.


Coach: Bob Swogger, second year.

Returning letterwinners: Abby Maneman, Sr.; Shylo Boyes, Sr.; Kira Dunsmoor, Sr.; Hannah Dykes, Jr.; Courtney Hagain, Sr.; Dalia Silva, Sr.

Promising newcomers: Aiysha Garcia, Soph.; Alex Gilbert, Jr.; Yolanda Newberg, Sr.; Amanda Koski, Sr.; Emily Collins, Soph.; Aubrey Boyes, Jr.

Coach’s comments: “Even though we’re older, there are only two girls with a lot of varsity experience. We’re improving daily and should improve as the season goes along.”

Pacific League favorites: South Bend.


Coach: Barbara Rasmus, 22nd year.

Returning letterwinners: Becke Shurtz, Jr.; Rachel Farmer, Jr.

Promising newcomers: Alexa Sweeney, Becca Wingate, Emily Hurlburt, Josie Palmer, Kami Strode, Kate Christensen.

Coach’s comments: “We are looking forward to a great year of improving every game and having some fun.”



Coach: Jinny Marchand, third year.

Returning letterwinners: Laura James, Sr.; Tiana Pulsifer, Sr.; Adrian Vitalis, Sr.; Tia Cheney, Jr.; Breawn Northup, Jr.; Rachel Cheney, Soph.

Promising newcomers: Trish Dunn, Fresh.; Marquel Waugh, Fresh.; Nicole Hidalgo, Fresh.; Karleena Walther, Fresh.; Tatum Pulsifer, Fresh.; Paula Ramirez, Fresh.; Rheanna Logan, Fresh.; Leeza James, Fresh.

Coach’s comments: “We have a lot of talent this year and strong senior leadership. We have a great time every day at practice while learning and working hard. Our plan is to keep sharpening our skills and get stronger from each practice and game. I’m so proud of our team and am very honored to be their coach.”


Coach: Tove Reibel, 14th year.

Returning letterwinners: Hannah Olson, Sr.; Dani Zembal, Sr.; Teagan Louthan, Jr.

Promising newcomers: Eliza Kinnaman, Jr.; Brittany Fry, Soph.

Coach’s comments: “This year we are looking forward to be rebuilding our team. We have some promising younger players that will be developing their skills throughout this season. I look forward to watching them develop as a team on the court.”