The Fishing Corner — Anglers should test their skill at a new spot near home

Admittedly, I am a creature of habit. That is, when it pertains to fishing, I have the tendency to go to a location where the area is familiar or where I have been most successful. Actually, I must force myself to take my game “out of town” or ever take it to a new level.

Other sports provide for such challenges. For instance, ball teams play tournaments in different cities to challenge themselves with competition. Golfers play different courses or put their game to the test in tournaments at new courses and against a field they may not be that familiar with.

When it comes to fishing, the true test to a person’s skill is whether one can catch fish in unfamiliar water. I know a lot of people who catch fish, but do not vary their location or methodology. I guess this is alright; yet, I wonder if more is available to the angler by adopting the American spirit of adventure and tackling new challenges in this sport.

Two-part series

If permitted, I would like to offer a two-part series on the subject of taking your “fishing game” out of town to be tested against new and different challenges. The first in this offering would be to encourage anglers to do something different within the realm of our immediate area such as Grays Harbor. In our next writing, I would like for anglers to consider options of fishing tests in water totally removed from the Harbor.

For starters, anglers may want to consider fishing a lake totally new to them. This requires learning where water depth and temperatures changes. Henceforth, the angler is focused to hone in on where the fishing are stacking up.

When it comes to rivers, it may be adventurous to find new a location on a familiar river. It may come as a pleasant surprise that fish are holding at different places. At the same time, it may even require the usage of different tackle. This could be a habit which may be hard to overcome.

There is also the option of trying a new fishery entirely. I know people in Grays Harbor who have never fished the ocean. It may be a new adventure to try surf fishing or even getting on a charter boat for salmon or tuna. These two fisheries alone will provide enough memories to last a lifetime. Do not forget to bring your camera and preserve the moment for posterity. This should not be an experience limited to the boundaries of Washington state.

Along those lines, it may be a good idea and treat yourself to a guided trip on the Lower Quinault. This river is a pleasure to fish and when done at the right time will not disappoint for sure.

Simply shuffling up your fishing locations can give the fisher a sense of new challenges. In Grays Harbor, we have so many of these options available that it can literally provide for a wide range of challenges not to mention varying the technique and tackle itself.