Loggers, Chitwhins score big in bi-district track

SEATTLE — Wishkah’s Keigan Gardiner won three events and Taholah swept the boys throwing events in the Bi-District II-IV Subdistrict Track Championships on Thursday at West Seattle Stadium.

Gardiner won the boys 200 meters in 24.04, the boys 110-meter hurdles in 17.49 and the 300 hurdles in 43.82.

Taholah’s Joseph Winn was a double winner in the boys shot (44-9) and discus (137-10).

Chitwhin teammate Jon Jackson uncorked a throw of 169-1 to beat his nearest rival by some 30 feet in the boys javelin.

Taholah’s Rachel Cheney was the lone Twin Harbors girls winner, taking the javelin with a throw of 105-4.

“We had so many kids do absolutely great,” Wishkah head coach Bob Eager said. “Out of the 11 kids who took part, 10 of them moved on. There were some really pleasant surprises. It was a great day for the kids. We’re very proud of them.”

Eager cited Josiah Olson (100 and 200m sprints), Robert Clutts-Rodriguez and Payton West (boys and girls long jump), Ryan Anderson (triple jump) and Benjamin Malchert (three events) for their performances.

The top four in each event advance to quad-district competition next Thursday at Port Angeles.

Quad-district qualifiers:


100 — 12.21 — Bothell (Shorewood Christian), Park (Evergreen Lutheran), Olson (Wishkah), Arnold (Wishkah). 200 — 24.04 — Gardiner (Wishkah), Vetter (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Tel (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Olson (Wishkah). 400 — 54.01 — Tel (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Arnold (Wishkah), Henderson (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Cabiles (Christian Faith). 800 — 2:09.24 — Pariseau (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Boyd (Shorewood Christian), Malchert (Wishkah), Weddle (Evergreen Lutheran). 1,600 — 4:46.07 — Boyd (Shorewood Christian), Pariseau (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Cabiles (Christian Faith), Henning (Evergreen Lutheran). 3,200 — 11:03.48 — Boyd (Shorewood Christian), Pariseau (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Henning (Evergreen Lutheran), Coskey (Northwest Yeshiva). 110 H — 17.49 — Gardiner (Wishkah), Dierkop (Mary M. Knight), Strong (Evergreen Lutheran), Jo (Evergreen Lutheran). 300 H — 43.82 — Gardiner (Wishkah), Dierkop (MMK), Strong (Evergreen Lutheran), Finstrom (Evergreen Lutheran). 4x100 R — 48.45 — Evergreen Lutheran, Shorewood Christian, Wishkah. 4x400 R — 3:52.40 — Mount Rainier Lutheran, Shorewood Christian, Wishkah.

Shot — 44-9 — Winn (Taholah), Law (Taholah), Nelson (North River), Lawrence (Evergreen Lutheran). Disc — 137-10 — Winn (Taholah), Nelson (North River), Berge (Wishkah), Becker (Northwest Yeshiva). Jav — 169-1 — Jackson (Taholah), Berge (Wishkah), Brotherton (Shorewood Christian). HJ — 5-9 — Henderson (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Dierkop (Mary M. Knight), Woldu (Evergreen Lutheran), Clutts-Rodriguez (Wishkah). LJ — 19-9 1/2 — Park (Evergreen Lutheran), Vetter (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Tel (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Clutts-Rodriguez (Wishkah). TJ — 40-10 — Vetter (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Anderson (Wishkah), Clutts-Rodriguez (Wishkah), Malchert (Wishkah). PV — 9-6 — Loveless (Mount Rainier Lutheran).


100 — 13.69 — Croy (Evergreen Lutheran), Ho (Muckleshoot Tribal), James (Taholah), Hoffman (Mount Rainier Lutheran). 200 — 28.08 — Croy (Evergreen Lutheran), Anderson (Evergreen Lutheran), James (Taholah), Hoffman (Mount Rainier Lutheran). 400 — 1:05.08 — Holder (Evergreen Lutheran), Kjenstad (Evergreen Lutheran), Lewis (Mount Rainier Lutheran), James (Taholah). 800 — 2:31.58 — Kjenstad (Evergreen Lutheran), Frost (Mary Knight), Holder (Evergreen Lutheran), Ladzinski (Christian Faith). 1,600 — 5:59.17 — Nitz (Evergreen Lutheran), Mironyuk (Christian Faith), Livermore (Shorewood Christian), Aaronson (Northwest Yeshiva). 3,200 — 12:57.06 — Nitz (Evergreen Lutheran), Aaronson (Northwest Yeshiva), Pitenger (Evergreen Lutheran). 100 H — 16.87 — Siltman (Mount Rainier Lutheran), E. Anderson (Wishkah), Heffington (Muckleshoot Tribal), Echols (Evergreen Lutheran). 300 H — 50.81 — Siltman (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Echols (Evergreen Lutheran), Woldu (Evergreen Lutheran), Cassaday (Christian Faith). 4x100 R — 54.25 — Evergreen Lutheran, Mount Rainier Lutheran. 4x100 R — 54.25 — Evergreen Lutheran, Mount Rainier Lutheran. 4x200 R — 1:58.37 — Evergreen Lutheran, Mount Rainier Lutheran, Christian Faith. 4x400 R — 4:31.07 — Mount Rainier, Evergreen Lutheran, Christian Faith.

Shot — 31-3 1/2 — Hedman-Bergmeier (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Pond (Christian Faith), Christy (Christian Faith). Disc — 102-1 — Hedman-Bergmeier (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Frost (Mary Knight), Kramer (Taholah), Pond (Christian Faith). Jav — 105-4 — R. Cheney (Taholah), Kramer (Taholah), Hedman-Bergmeier (Mount Rainier Lutheran), Livermore (Shorewood Christian). HJ — 4-8 — Holder (Evergreen Lutheran, Poetter (Evergreen Lutheran), Zehfus (Evergreen Lutheran), Pitenger (Evergreen Lutheran). LJ — 14-7 — Ho (Muckleshoot Tribal), Heffington (Muckleshoot Tribal), Vetter (Mount Rainier Lutheran), West (Wishkah). TJ — 34-4 — Siltman (Mount Rainier Lutheran), E. Anderson (Wishkah), Anderson (Evergreen Lutheran), R. Anderson (Wishkah).