Mike Tully snapshot

Mike Tully

Age: 33

Family: Wife, Karen; son, Gabe (2 months)

Occupation: Raymond Junior High science and math teacher; junior high football coach (eight years); varsity boys basketball (seven years) and track & field coach (five years). Mike is a 1998 Raymond High School graduate and a 2002 graduate of Western Washington University.

When he’s not coaching and teaching: Tully is a summertime golf player, more in team scrambles and tournaments, but you can find him on the golf courses. “I’m not very good at it,” he added. “I can hit it quite a ways, but my short game is shaky. I’m usually called upon in team events when you need a big hitter.”

Best sports movie: “Hoosiers.” “There is something about that movie,” he said. “You can see the process as a coach, what he’s trying to do, setting the tone and the process to get (the team) there. And, no matter how many times I see it, it gets you choked up at the end.”

Best sports book: “The Book of Basketball: The NBA according to the Sports Guy” by Bill Simmons. “He goes through the top players in the NBA’s history and blows up the Basketball Hall of Fame, turning it into a pyramid, starting with Michael Jordan,” Tully said. “I’m very big on the history of the game. Every day in basketball practice, I have a quote for the team — I have a big book of quotes — and ask the players about people in the game.”