Monte girls, Elma boys claim team titles at Montesano Invitational

MONTESANO — Host Montesano showcased its front-of-the-pack power in the girls meet, while Elma’s boys took care of business when it was their turn to shine during Thursday’s Montesano Invitational at Lake Sylvia State Park on Thursday.

The Bulldogs swept the top-three spots in the girls race, led by Gabrielle Rudolph, and needed their depth to overcome a challenge from Ocosta to win the girls title, 32-37.

The Eagles, led by race winner Wesley Allen, put four runners into the top-seven spots to fly past the field with 37 points for the win. Aberdeen, North Beach and North River also competed in both races.

Rudolph was not alone in the girls race. Teammates Andrea Ostwald and Sydney Potter were 2-3 behind her, with Ocosta’s Kathryn Anderson and Sararose Gallo rounding out the top-five spots.

“They looked really impressive,” Montesano head coach James Edwards said. “Gabby was strong. Andrea has really come on this year, as well as Sydney. Baylee Roble was close, too.”

Allen was pushed by Aberdeen freshman Kyle Hurd, but won the race by 11 seconds. The Bobcat boys finished fifth in the meet. Allen was joined by Dylan Bennett, Lukas Starks and Kyle Smith in the top-seven spots to pace the team win.

“Four in the top seven and all of them are sophomores,” Elma head coach Dave Beeler said. “I thought our kids ran well. We had a hard week of training and they ran really well through that.”

“On the boys side, it showed we were behind Elma a little bit with the numbers we have,” Edwards added. “That’s pretty good. If we can bring up our lower two guys, that would be good.”

Ocosta head coach Aaron Anderson cited Griffin Wright for a breakout race and Viely Chum for running well in his first race of the season.


Elma 37, Montesano 55, Rainier 78, Ocosta 79, Aberdeen 87.

Top-10 Finishers: 1. Wesley Allen (Elma) 17:44. 2. Kle Hurd (Abe) 17:55. 3. Brandon Lovell (Monte) 18:04. 4. Dylan Bennett (Elma) 18:13. 5. Lukas Starks (Elma) 18:17. 6. Gabe Spearin (Monte) 18:22. 7. Kyle Smith (Elma) 18:28. 8. Luke Anderson (Oco) 18:45. 9. Jonny Hansen (Rain) 18:50. 10. Aaron Martinez (Abe) 19:19.

Other Harbor finishers (through 25th place): 12. Dakota Jefferson (Monte) 19:31. 13. Viely Chum (Oco) 19:46. 14. Luis Charres (Abe) 19:48. 15. Drake MItby (Oco) 20:01. 16. Emir Turarov (Monte) 20:11. 18. Jake Mustard (Monte) 20:17. 20. Griffin Wright (Oco) 20:24.


Montesano 32, Ocosta 37, Rainier 78, Naselle 82.

Top-10 Finishers: 1. Gabrielle Rudolph (Monte) 19:57. 2. Andrea Ostwald (Monte) 20:34. 3. Sydney Potter (Monte) 20:40. 4. Kathryn Anderson (Oco) 21:20. 5. Sararose Gallo (Oco) 21:45. 6. Baylee Roble (Monte) 22:02. 7. Daphne Peek (Elma) 22:11. 8. Luna Zang (Elma) 22:14. 9. Katie Green (Nas) 22:47. 10. Kelsey Gundersen (Oco) 23:02.

Other Harbor finishers (through 25th place): 11. Kiana Ballo (Oco) 23:36. 12. Cynthia Alatorre (Elma) 23:52. 13. Kasey Hearn (NB) 23:54. 15. McKenzie Ballo (Oco) 24:07. 16. Rebekah Saul (Oco) 24:14. 17. Chelsea Griffin (Oco) 24:22. 19. Olivia Nicholson (Abe) 24:54. 21. Tahni McGaughy (Elma) 25:40. 22. Sophia Anderson (Oco) 26:46.