Rec Basketball


First Division: Harbor Paper 3-0, PASHA/Casa Mia/UPX 2-1, Precision Pipe 1-1, NB Crew 0-2.

Third Division: Westport Shipyard 4-0, Game Freaks 3-0, KG Bricklayers 1-0, Rainydays Trucking 3-1, Five Star 1-3, Vaughan Pumps 1-3, Lucky Dog Guide Service 0-3, Westport Shipyard/Monte Lanes 0-3.

First Division

Harbor Paper 63, Precision Pipe 53: Nick Seibert and Kaylan Forbis 14 points each for Harbor Paper. Bryan Irion 19 points; Aaron Cleverly 13 for Precision.

PASHA/Casa Mia/UPX 73, NB Crew 66: Ryan Freeman 39 points; Lance Anderson 16 for PASHA/Casa Mia/UPX. Chuck Capoeman and Nelson Papp 15 points each for NB Crew.

This week’s schedule:

Monday (Robert Gray Elementary) 7 p.m. — Harbor Paper vs. PASHA/Casa Mia/UPX; 8 p.m. — Precision Pipe vs. NB Crew.

Wednesday (Robert Gray) 7 p.m. — Precision Pipe vs. PASHA/Casa Mia/UPX; 8 p.m. — NB Crew vs. Harbor Paper.

Third Division

Westport Shipyard 39, Vaughan Pumps 37: Jason McBride and Bill Rose nine points each for Westport Shipyard. John Maruska and Stephan Maruska 13 points each for Vaughan Pumps.

Five Star 66, Westport Shipyard/Monte Lanes 32: Aaron Smith 22 points; Corey Olson 17 for Five Star. Doug Ames nine points for Westport Shipyard/Monte Lanes.

Rainydays Trucking 59, Lucky Dog Guide Service 49: Jerry Cole 19 points; Jason Kelley 16 for Rainydays. Andy Burton 21 points for Lucky Dog.

Vaughan Pumps 70, Westport Shipyard/Monte Lanes 42: Josh Cooper and Stephan Maruska 15 points each for Vaughan. Jeremy Leach 17 points for Shipyard/Monte Lanes.

Game Freaks 49, Rainydays Trucking 43: Kyle Van De Graaf 17 points for Game Freaks. Jason Kelley 23 points for Rainydays.

KG Bricklayers 45, Five Star 43: Jesse Corbett 14 points for Bricklayers. Corey Olsen 19 points for Five Star.

Westport Shipyard 61, Lucky Dog Guide Service 50: Bill Rose 20 points; Scott Vincent 12 for Shipyard. Travis Pence 18 points; Jeff LaRocque 14 for Lucky Dog.

This week’s schedule:

Monday (Miller Junior High) 7 p.m. — Westport Shipyard vs. Game Freaks; 8 p.m. — KG Bricklayers vs. Rainydays Trucking.

Tuesday (Miller J.H.) 7 p.m. — Lucky Dog Guide Service vs. Westport Shipyard/Monte Lanes. 8 p.m. — Vaughan Pumps vs. Five Star.

Thursday (Miller J.H.) 7 p.m. — Westport Shipyard vs. Rainydays Trucking; 8 p.m. — Lucky Dog Guide Service vs. Five Star. (Robert Gray) 7 p.m. — KG Bricklayers vs. Vaughan Pumps; 8 p.m. — Westport Shipyard/Monte Lanes vs. Game Freaks.