Sports On The Air for Thursday, Aug. 2



10 a.m., Swimming/beach volleyball (U.S. vs. Spain)/volleyball (U.S. vs. Brazil)/water polo (U.S. vs. Britain)/cycling/canoeing/rowing, NBC.

2 p.m., Boxing, CNBC.

8 p.m., Women’s gymnastics/swimming (men’s 200 backstroke/men’s 200 IM/women’s 200 breaststroke/women’s 100 freestyle)/beach volleyball (U.S. vs Czech Republic)/rowing, NBC.

9 p.m., Women’s gymnastics/swimming, Telemundo.


4 p.m., Regional coverage (Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals or Miami Marlins at Atlanta Braves), MLB Network.



1 a.m., Women’s soccer/women’s basketball (U.S. vs. Czech Republic)/beach volleyball/women’s volleyball/boxing/archery/shooting, NBC Sports Network.

1 a.m., Women’s basketball (U.S. vs. Czech Republic), NBC Basketball.

4 a.m., Tennis, Bravo.

4 a.m., Women’s soccer quarterfinals, NBC Soccer.

6 a.m., Men’s gymnastics/women’s water polo/weightlifting/handball/equestrian/badminton/team table tennis, MSNBC.

6 a.m., Swimming/track and field/women’s volleyball/tennis/beach volleyball/boxing, Telemundo.

10 a.m., Swimming/track and field/beach volleyball/women’s water polo (U.S. vs. China)/rowing, NBC.

2 p.m., Boxing, CNBC.

8 p.m., Swimming (men’s 100 butterfly/men’s 50 freestyle/women’s 200 backstroke/women’s 800 freestyle)/track and field/women’s diving/women’s volleyball (U.S. vs. Serbia)/men’s gymnastics, NBC.


4 p.m., Seattle Mariners at New York Yankees, ROOT and KXRO (1320).

Auto Racing

9 a.m., NASCAR Sprint Cup practice, SPD.

12:30 p.m., NASCAR Sprint Cup practice, SPD.


7 a.m., Cox Classic, GLF.

9 a.m., 3M Champions Championship, GLF.

11 a.m., PGA Tour: WGC Bridgestone Invitaitonal, GLF.

3:30 p.m., PGA Tour: Reno-Tahoe Open, GLF.