Taholah forfeits volleyball, basketball games over ineligible players

Days before the District IV 1B North play-in games are contested, Taholah took care of an eligibility issue that surrounded the girls basketball and volleyball teams on Tuesday.

District IV officials found Taholah in violation of WIAA rules regarding ineligible players during the entire volleyball season and for the first five games played during the girls basketball season.

On Tuesday, the Chitwhins proposed as penalties the forfeiture of all games played by two freshmen transfer students.

The Taholah volleyball team, which finished 8-6 last fall, will forfeit all its victories, while the girls basketball team will forfeit five games. The Chitwhins take on Mary M. Knight on Thursday in a district play-in game at Sam Benn Gym in Aberdeen.

Both of the players were transfers from the North Beach School District. They were residents of Taholah, but established their eligibility for varsity sports in the 2012-13 school year by attending North Beach Junior High School as eighth graders. When they transfered to Taholah, they were only eligible to play junior varsity games for one school year, according to District IV director Rich Frazer.

“Taholah has sent in the paperwork on the ineligible players and the suggested penalties for their use in volleyball and girls basketball games,” Frazer said. “One of the girls played varsity volleyball and both of them played varsity basketball. They were living in Taholah while they were going to North Beach. If they stayed at North Beach, they would have been eligible for varsity sports there. When they transfered, that made them eligible for play at the JV level only at Taholah.”

The penalties will be acted upon and voted on during the district’s executive board meeting later this month.

The district 1B North play-in games, along with the District IV-V basketball tournaments, were created by WIAA staff after Taholah’s appeal to the WIAA Executive Board over penalties asked for by the now defunct Coastal League were dismissed on Jan. 27.

In the midst of the appeal, the executive board ruled that the former league members, including Taholah, were now independent schools and district postseason criteria were drawn up for them without regard to season records.