Uncle Ray’s Raspberry: The Old Sport’s luck has been off at Stewart Field

As sports editor Rick Anderson pointed out earlier this week, the traffic at Stewart Field has been somewhat heavy of late. In fact, tonight the third different local 11 in three weeks — Montesano — will be the home club at the venerable Aberdeen ballyard.

It also transpired, unhappily, that the previous two weeks’ games at The Stew produced the only two incorrectos the Old Sport has emitted during that span (we picked Centralia over Aberdeen and King’s Way over Wishkah).

We hope to do better on this week’s Stewart Field offering, which we’ll deal with later. For now we’ll bask in last week’s 8-1 effort, which upped the season record to 24-9 for a .727 mark and finally above our self-imposed Mendoza line.


CASTLE ROCK at HOQUIAM: This year’s Rockets don’t seem to have the red glare of other seasons. And we think that at No. 5 in the 1A rankings the Grizzlies are being underrated…GRIZZLIES 34, ROCKETS 14.

ABERDEEN at MARK MORRIS: Unless the Longview club is overrated at No. 10, which we doubt, it looks like another tough night for the Cats…MONARCHS 27, BOBCATS 18.

FORKS vs. MONTESANO at Aberdeen: Spartans are reportedly stronger than in recent years, but Monte figures to make itself right at home on the Stewart greenery…BULLDOGS 28, SPARTANS 7.

ELMA at ROCHESTER: Their records are similar (1-3) but Elma has been taking on the toughies. EAGLES 35, WARRIORS 10.

WILLAPA VALLEY at PE ELL: In this one it’s Pe Ell that has been playing the more rugged slate. However, we’ve got to take the unbeaten Vikes over the 1-3 home club…VIKINGS 33, TROJANS 20.

NORTH BEACH at RAYMOND: Both clubs 2-2 on the season. Homestanding Gulls’ point production has been more impressive…GULLS 40, HYAKS 30.

OCOSTA at SOUTH BEND: The happy news is that one of these clubs will get a win. Unhappy news is that the Old Sport has to figure out which one. It’s time for the Tribe to score its first points of the season, but Wildcats are also thirsting for beans. WILDCATS 9. TRIBE 6.


TAHOLAH at LAKE QUINAULT: Both teams due to benefit from return of ineligible or injured operatives, leaving the Old Sport once again in a quandary…CHITWHINS 36, ELKS 32.