Winners and losers on NCAA Selection Sunday

Some winners (and losers) from Selection Sunday:

Winner: The selection committee. With both the at-large field and the seeds, the committee did as well as could be expected. A few quibbles, including Cal-UNLV, but no major gaffes.

Loser: Kentucky. The defending champion missed the cut. So much for the committee selling out for TV ratings.

Winners: Middle Tennessee State and La Salle. They made the cut — the last two, in fact — ahead of Kentucky and all its future pros.

Loser: Indiana. The Hoosiers lost the competition for the No. 1 overall seed and, as a result, would play their Sweet 16 game in Washington, D.C. — instead of Indianapolis.

Winner: Gonzaga. The first team outside the six power conferences to receive a No. 1 seed since Memphis in 2008. And the Zags have a dream draw.

Loser: The Pac-12. Five teams in the tournament, three of them seeded 10 or lower.

Winner: Arizona. The draw sets up well for the Wildcats, if they can get past Belmont in the round of 64.

Loser: Oregon. The Ducks were a No. 11 seed before getting dropped one line for bracketing purposes. That’s five spots below a team they beat twice, UCLA.

Winner: The little (and medium) guys. Teams from outside the six major football conferences collected 11 at-large bids (equaling last year’s total).

Loser: The SEC. Three paltry bids and once again, no teams from Alabama. No matter. Spring football is underway.

Winner: Mike Bobinski. The committee chairman (and Xavier athletic director) was ready for the tough but fair questions thrown his way by CBS analysts.

Loser: Ron Wellman. The Wake Forest athletic director takes over from Bobinski next year and has a high bar to clear.

Loser: Duke. With their starting five intact, the Blue Devils beat Ohio State and Louisville and lost just one game. And yet they’re a No. 2 with Michigan State and Louisville in their path.

Winner: Chaos. With no dominant teams and (mostly) balanced regions, the next three weeks should be off the charts.