Prep Roundup: Local schools survive elements at Ocosta track meet

Track & Field

Ocosta meet

WESTPORT — The constant rain and ever-present wind made life a bit hard for the 11 schools that gathered at Ocosta High School for a track meet on Thursday afternoon.

Co-hosted by Northwest Christian, the Navigators swept the team meets. The rain and the wind also swept through and took out some of the timing mechanisms to make scoring tough at the end of the meet.

“We had a timing system problem due to the wet weather,” Ocosta head coach Aaron Anderson said. “We had to finish on stopwatches. It was a little bit miserable out there. It didn’t stop raining the whole time.”

“This was a nice swim meet,” quipped Wishkah head coach Bob Eager. “It started pouring, it got windy and it got tough for the people who had to measure and time and score the meet. It was good for the kids, though.”

Most of the schools held back their best athletes in order for them to compete in today and Saturday’s Chehalis Activators meet.

Coach Eager cited Josiah Olson for his performances in the sprints, including two fourth-place finishes in the 200 and 400-meter sprints, and Payton West for her performances in the long jump and javelin.

Crystal Lynch won the shot put and discus events for North Beach, Ocosta’s Alex Herrera won the long jump and the triple jump and Ocosta’s Rebekah Saul got a track/field double with wins in the 400m and triple jump.


Northwest Christian 165, Naselle 88, Ocosta 60, Hoquiam 49, Wahkiakum 46, Wishkah 45, North Beach 26, Taholah 14 1/2, North River 2 1/2.

100 — 12.08 — Cothren (Wah), Eaton (Nas), Hubner (Wahk). 200 — 24.70 — Eaton (Nas), Wakefield (Hoq), Cothren (Wahk). 400 — 54.86 — Lopez (Hoq), Sotak (NWC), Davis (NWC). 800 — 2:13.74 — Beck (NWC), Bredeson (NWC), Anderson (Oco). 1600 — 4:59.50 — Stickney (NWC), Schilter (NWC), Beam (NWC). 3200 — 14:46.00 — Fritz (NWC), Miller (Oco), Wright (Oco). 110 HH — 16.89 — Burch (NWC), Teigen (NWC), Richardson (Wish). 300 IH — 44.80 — Burch (NWC), Martinez (Nas), Teigen (NWC). 400 R — 48.90 — Northwest Christian, North Beach, Ocosta. 1600 R — 4:07.70 — Northwest Christian, Ocosta.

HJ — 6-0 — Chapman (Nas), Herrera (Oco), Hubner (Wahk). LJ — 17-4 — Herrera (Oco), Caballero (Oco), Capoeman (Tah). TJ — 38-0 — Herrera (Oco), Chapman (Nas), Anderson (Oco). Shot — 42-0 — Huffman (Hoq), Andring (Nas), Blix (Wahk). Disc — ND. Jav — 121-02 — Andring (Nas), Kier (NWC), Thompson (Hoq).


Northwest Christian 188, North Beach 100, Ocosta 100, Wahkiakum 58, Wishkah 43, Naselle 15, Hoquiam 14, Taholah 10, Mary M Knight 9.

100 — 13.17 — Teigan (NWC), Vogler (NB), Trygstad (NB). 200 — 29.43 — Teigen (NWC), Peacock (Wahk), Anderson (Wish). 400 — 1:06.05 — Saul (Oco), Mitchell (Hoq), Elliott (Wahk). 800 — 2:33.5 — Schilter (NWC), Gundersen (Oco), Brooks (NWC). 1600 — 6:20.90 — Shaffer (NWC), Griffin (Oco). 3200 — 12;18.0 — Bredson (NWC), Green (Nas), Gallo (Oco). 100 HH — 17.80 — Werner (NB), McSheffrey (NWC), Sowers (NWC). 300 LH — 54.11 — McSheffrey (NWC), Abbot (Wahk). 400 R — 57.01 — North Beach, Ocosta, Northwest Christian. 800 R — 1:54.90 — Northwest Christian, Ocosta, North Beach. 1600 R — 4:37.13 — Northwest Christian, Ocosta.

HJ — 5-0 — Sowers (NWC), Heywood (Wah), VanMarter (NWC). LJ — 12-10 — Sowers (NWC), VanMarter (NWC), West (Wish). TJ — 29-3 — Saul (Oco), E. Anderson (Wish), R. Anderson (Wish). Shot — 37-0 — Lynch (NB), Bulger (NWC), Kramer (Tah). Disc — 102-4 — Lynch (NB), Shurtz (Oco), Frost (MMK). Jav — 128-5 — Bulger (NWC), Fresquez (NB), Badger (Nas).

Boys soccer

Warriors 3, Grizzlies 2 (OT)

Rochester scored twice in the first half to jump ahead of Hoquiam and pull out the win in the second overtime in Evergreen 1A play at Sea Breeze Oval on Thursday afternoon.

The Warriors took a 2-0 lead into halftime, but Jonathan Molina tied the match with two second-half goals. The first came in the 70th minute and the tying goal came on a direct free kick with two minutes left in regulation.

In the second 5-minute overtime period, the Warriors secured the win two minutes in.

“We were dominant through most of the game, but could not score in the first half,” HHS head coach Fidel Sanchez said. “They (the Warriors) got up on us and our guys fought back. We couldn’t finish a play in the first half.”

Sanchez cited Brenner Carlstrom for directing the defense well. He also praised D.J. Cox for fine play.

Hoquiam (9-1, 9-2) will travel to Forks on Monday.

Bearcats 2, Bobcats 1

CHEHALIS — Aberdeen struggled on a wet, sloppy field at Chehalis on Thursday night and the hosts took advantage by converting a long throw-in into a long-range goal with four minutes to play in this Evergreen 2A match.

Tied at 1-1, AHS head coach Larry Fleming believed the match was going to enter overtime when goalkeeper Andres Valdes slipped and Chehalis knocked home the winning goal.

“We had a poor outing, regardless of the field or conditions,” Fleming said. “We chased instead of marking up and made them more successful than they should have been. We have to win the ball much tougher in these physical matches.”

Juanito Lopez scored in the 26th minute, tying the match at 1-1 for Aberdeen (8-2, 10-2). Chehalis scored the opening goal in the eighth minute.

In the junior varsity match, Aberdeen won, 6-2. Denis Calles scored a hat trick, with Jake Myers, Victor Junco and Juan Venegas each adding one goal for AHS.

Next Friday, Aberdeen returns to action by traveling the Centralia.