WIAA sets new summer football restrictions among amendments

RENTON — In an effort to regulate the physical grind of year-round high school football, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association passed legislation Monday, limiting summer football participation.

The 53-member WIAA representative assembly ratified Amendment 57.3.0, effective immediately, that allows a maximum 20 team summer practices, with no more than 10 of them full-contact days.

According to the amendment, if a high school player wants to turn out for team-related summer activities, he or she must first participate in three consecutive non-contact practices, which count toward the 20-practice allotment.

Only after that will he or she be allowed to participate in full-contact football in any setting — a practice, scrimmage or team camp.

Other notable WIAA legislation, all of it going into effect for 2013-14:

• Reclassification will stay on a two-year cycle, but instead of the enrollment numbers being used from grades 10-12, they will come from student count in grades 9-11 (Amendment 4.1.0).

• Schools will be allowed to appeal a forfeiture ruling against a team for using an ineligible participant (Amendment 28.3.0).

• The “mercy rule” in Class 1B football will allow the running clock to start when a team leads by 40 points. Previously, the rule was not in effect until the start of the second half (Amendment 57.6.0).

All WIAA representative assembly voting was done online for the first time. Each amendment that passed was ratified by a 60 percent majority.