On the Air for Feb. 8, 2014


Winter Olympics

2:30 a.m., Men’s speed skating (5,000-meters)/Women’s cross country skiathlon, NBCSN.

6:30 a.m., Figure skating (team event/ ice dancing), NBCSN.

8 a.m., Figure skating (team event/ women’s short program), NBCSN.

2:30 p.m., Men’s speed skating/men’s ski jumping/men’s biathlon/women’s cross country, NBC.

3 p.m., Hockey, NBCSN.

5 p.m., Women’s hockey (Canada vs. Switzerland), MSNBC.

8 p.m., Figure Skating (team event/ice dancing/women’s short program), men’s snowboarding/women’s freestyle skiing/ moguls, NBC.

Midnight, Figure skating (team event/pairs free skate), men’s luge, NBC.

Midnight, Women’s Hockey (Sweden vs. Japan), NBCSN.

College Men’s Basketball

9 a.m., Alabama at Florida, ESPN.

10 a.m., Butler at Georgetown, CBS.

10 a.m., Cleveland State at Wright State, ESPN2.

11 a.m., Michigan at Iowa, ESPN.

Noon, Florida State at Maryland, ESPN2.

Noon, Providence at Xavier, FS1.

1 p.m., West Virginia at Kansas, ESPN.

1 p.m., Saint Mary’s at Pepperdine, ROOT.

2 p.m., Oregon at Arizona State, FS1.

2 p.m., Saint Louis at La Salle, ESPN2.

3 p.m., Duke at Boston College, ESPN.

3 p.m., South Dakota at Denver, ROOT.

4 p.m., Baylor at Oklahoma, ESPN2.

5 p.m., Washington State at Utah, Pac-12 Network.

6 p.m., Gonzaga at Memphis, ESPN.

7 p.m., New Mexico State at Seattle University, ROOT.

7:30 p.m., UCLA at USC, Pac-12 Network.


Noon, AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, CBS.

Noon, Champions Tour Allianz Championship, GLF.


Noon, Ottawa Senators at Boston Bruins, CBUT.

3 p.m., Vancouver Canucks at Toronto Maple Leafs, CBUT.

5 p.m., Maine at Notre Dame, NBCSN.

Auto Racing

8 p.m., NHRA Winternationals, ESPN2.

Track and Field

1:30 p.m., Indoor Grand Prix, NBCSN.


7:30 p.m., AMA Supercross from San Diego, FS1.


9:30 a.m., English Premier League: Cardiff at Swansea, NBC.

11:30 a.m., English Premier League: Arsenal at Liverpool, NBCSN.

College Gymnastics

12:30 p.m., Arizona State at UCLA, Pac-12 Networks.


Winter Olympics

2:30 a.m., Men’s cross county skiathlon; women’s speedskating (3,000 meters), NBCSN.

5 a.m., Women’s hockey (Russia vs. Germany), MSNBC.

5:30 a.m., Men’s luge, NBCSN.

7 a.m., Figure skating (team event), NBCSN.

10 a.m., Men’s ski jumping, NBCSN.

2 p.m., Figure skating (team event/men’s free skate)/women’s biathlon/women’s speedskating (3,000 meters)/men’s cross country, NBC.

2 p.m., Hockey, NBCSN.

7 p.m., Figure skating (team event/women’s free skate/ice dancing); men’s alpine skiing (men’s downhill)/women’s snowboarding/men’s ski jumping, NBC.

11:35 p.m., Figure skating/men’s luge, NBC.

Midnight, Men’s curling (Canada vs. Germany), NBCSN.

Pro Basketball

7 a.m., New York Knicks at Oklahoma City Thunder, ABC.

12:30 p.m., Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Lakers, ABC.

College Men’s Basketball

10 a.m., Michigan State vs. Wisconsin, CBS.

3 p.m., Connecticut at UCF, ESPN2.

4 p.m., Creighton at St. John’s, FS1.

4 p.m., Oregon State at Arizona, Pac-12 Networks.

5 p.m., Washington at Colorado, ESPNU.

College Women’s Basketball

10 a.m., Louisville at Connecticut, ESPN.

10 a.m., Creighton at DePaul, FS1.

11 a.m., Penn State at Ohio State, ESPN2.

Noon, Iowa State at Texas, FS1.

Noon, Arizona State at Arizona, Pac-12 Networks.

1 p.m., Oklahoma State at Baylor, ESPN2.

2 p.m., California at Washington State, Pac-12 Networks.

11 p.m., Boston College at Florida State, ROOT.


Noon, Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, CBS.

Noon, Champions Tour Allianz Championship, GLF.

Auto Racing

5 p.m., NHRA Winternationals, ESPN.


Noon, PBA League quarterfinals, ESPN.


Noon, PBR LiftMaster Chute Out, CBS.

College Volleyball

3 p.m., UCLA at USC, Pac-12 Networks.


Winter Olympics

2 a.m., Women’s hockey (U.S. vs. Switzerland), NBCSN.

2 a.m., Women’s curling (U.S. vs. Switzerland), USA.

4:30 a.m., Men’s speedskating (500 meters), NBCSN.

7 a.m., Women’s hockey (Canada vs. Finland), MSNBC.

8:15 a.m., Women’s luge/women’s curling, NBCSN.

Noon, Curling, NBCSN.

2 p.m., Men’s curling (U.S. vs. Norway), CNBC.

2 p.m., Hockey, NBCSN.

3 p.m., Men’s Speedskating (500 meters)/men’s biathlon, NBC.

8 p.m., Women’s Alpine skiing (Super Combined)/men’s freestyle skiing/moguls/men’s short track, NBC.

Midnight, Women’s short track/women’s luge, NBC.

Midnight, Women’s curling (U.S. vs. Russia), NBCSN.

College Men’s Basketball

4 p.m., Maryland at Virginia, ESPN.

4 p.m., Providence at Georgetown, FS1.

6 p.m., Kansas at Kansas State, ESPN.

College Women’s Basketball

4 p.m., North Carolina at Duke, ESPN2.

6 p.m., Vanderbilt at Tennessee, ESPN2.


7 p.m., Monday Night Fights.


Winter Olympics

2 a.m., Men’s and women’s cross country, NBCSN.

2 a.m., Men’s curling (U.S. vs. China), USA.

3 a.m., Men’s and women’s cross country, NBCSN.

7 a.m., Figure skating (pairs short program), NBCSN.

7 a.m., Women’s hockey (Russia vs. Japan), MSNBC.

10:30 a.m., Women’s ski jumping/women’s speedskating, NBCSN.

2 p.m., Women’s curling (U.S. vs. England), CNBC.

3 p.m., Men’s and women’s cross country/women’s luge/women’s freestyle skiing, NBC.

8 p.m.,, Figure skating (pairs short program)/men’s snowboarding/women’s freestyle skiing/women’s ski jumping, NBC.

12:05 a.m. (Wednesday), Women’s speedskating (500 meters)/women’s biathlon, NBC.

College Men’s Basketball

4 p.m., Florida at Tennessee, ESPN.

4 p.m., Clemson at Notre Dame, ROOT.

4 p.m., Oklahoma State at Texas, ESPN2.

4 p.m., Marquette at Seton Hall, FS1.

6 p.m., Michigan at Ohio State, ESPN.

6 p.m., Xavier at Butler, FS1.


11:45 a.m., English Premier League: Chelsea at West Bromwich, NBCSN.


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