GH Commissioners ask for promoter proposals at Grays Harbor Raceway

The next step toward finding a new auto racing promoter at Grays Harbor Raceway was taken on Monday during the Grays Harbor County commissioners meeting.

The commissioners have formally asked for proposals — a RFP (request for proposals) — for all those interested in taking over the promoter’s duties at the three-eighths of a mile clay oval race track. The deadline for all proposals is Dec. 30.

“Right now, we are moving past the termination of the (old) contract with Great Northwest Promotions to get someone in for the 2014 season,” Grays Harbor County commissioner Wes Cormier said.

“It is our intention to have a racing season in 2014,” Cormier emphasized. “There has been some lag time and we understand there is some urgency, because (schedules) for the 2014 season are being set up right now.”

The proposal, which was emailed off to those who expressed an interest in promoting at GHR, is available for review on the Grays Harbor County website —

Inside the proposal, the commissioners have outlined minimum qualifications and a four-point selection criteria for the prospective promoters. Cormier noted that he and the other commissioners will review the proposals as they come in to speed up the process and give them time for due diligence, if needed.

One idea that was floated to the commissioners was for the county to get into the business of raceway promotions. Cormier dismissed the notion outright.

“I want to prevent that at all costs,” Cormier said. “I believe the private sector has done a much better job of raceway promotion than the county could. I don’t want (the county) to be in the business of racing promotion. I hope one will really stand out and we can pick one.”

Between the time the commissioners terminated the promoter’s contract with Oregon-based Great Northwest Promotions and the county, the commissioners and the county’s legal staff have written up a new promoter’s contract for the raceway.

The county is also in negotiations with Great Northwest Promotions over past due debts and settling ownership of property and equipment at the raceway.

“We had some legal tangles we have to address,” Cormier said. “We want to be responsible and not rush into trouble with this. We are a government, but I believe we’ve gone as fast as we’ve possible can on this. We want to do this right for everyone involved.”


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