Harbor tracksters find warm weather to their liking

The unaccustomed sight of coaches and spectators wearing shorts at Sea Breeze Oval served notice that excellent marks were forthcoming in Thursday’s track meet.

Elma’s boys and Hoquiam’s girls took team honors in a five-school meet hosted by Hoquiam.

The Eagles totaled 103 points to finish 13 points ahead of runner-up Hoquiam. The Grizzly girls, with 121 points, wound up 16 points in front of Montesano.

Class 2B Onalaska and 1B Crescent also participated in the meet.

Balmy weather conditions greeted the competitors Thursday — an extreme rarity at the traditionally wind-buffeted track aptly dubbed Sea Breeze Oval by the late Daily World sports writer Ray Ryan.

A west breeze off the bay, in fact, actually kept conditions from becoming too oppressive.

“At first, I thought it was going to be too hot,” Hoquiam coach Tim Pelan admitted.

The meet itself was an interesting melange of informality and highly competitive races.

Hoquiam’s girls sprint relay team, which would have been the only squad in its event, was allowed to compete in the boys 4x100. The Grizzly girls, although finishing well behind their HHS male counterparts, beat two other boys foursomes in the seven-team event.

While Elma and Montesano scaled back the workload of some of their top competitors for a variety of reasons, Hoquiam used most of its standouts in a full complement of events.

All three teams had their share of highlights — several of them coming in relays.

Although passing up the hurdles, his customary specialty, Elma’s Ray Stark outdueled Hoquiam’s Devin Kelly in the boys 100 meters for the second straight meet. Kelly later blew away the field in the 200 meters, his best event.

Stark joined Tyson Nauman, Rashad Lorton and Chance Bremer in a bid to break the Elma school record in the 4x400 relay. They fell short of that, but their time of 3:33.5 represented a personal best by some three seconds.

Nauman was a double winner in the high jump and triple jump. Wesley Allen doubled in the 800 and 3,200 meters.

“With the weather, we wanted to go for good times in certain events and we did that,” Elma assistant Bryan Schneider said.

Hoquiam’s girls 4x200-relay team of Brittoni Wright, Olivia Rose, Emma Skinner and Savannah Smith, who had broken a 33-year-old school record with a time of 1:45.8 at the Chehalis Activators meet last weekend, went 1:47.1 yesterday — also faster than the previous mark. Their time of 50.1 in the 4x100 fell one-tenth of a second shy of the school record in that event.

Rose was a double winner in the 100 meters and triple jump — taking the latter event with a personal-best 36-1. Mikaila Johnson’s winning leap of 5 feet in the high jump was a season best.

Pelan also cited the performances of Tyler White, who had a season-best 19-5 in the boys long jump, Jaron Rose and Antoine Johnson.

“Overall, the kids performed really well,” the Hoquiam coach said. “In league meets, we haven’t gone full throttle, but we pushed it today and did pretty well.”

Reid Hughes was a double winner in the hurdles for Montesano’s boys, with his time of 15.6 in the 110-meter race representing a sizable personal best.

Monte’s talented female distance crew was limited to one individual race per competitor, with Sydney Potter winning the 800 meters and Gabrielle Rudolph holding off teammate Andrea Ostwald in the 1,600.

Bulldog girls coach Doug Schupbach also cited the performances of both distance relay teams, with the girls’ time of 4:23 representing a personal best by some 12 seconds. The boys foursome of Tanner Birdsall, Anthony Louthan, Tristan Darst and Connor Lovell ran a strong second behind Elma.

Schupbach also praised the showings of Baylee Roble, Jennifer Johnson, Myranda and Shayla Floch, Cortney Miller, Kaitlyn Bradley and Jake Mustard.

“We told them that, with the weather, you’re going to have a good day to run and we’re not trying to put people in 1,000 events,” Schupbach said. “Overall, I was pretty pleased with our performance.”

None of the three Harbor schools will participate into today’s Shelton Invitational. Montesano will compete at the Bellevue Christian Invitational, while Elma and Hoquiam will bypass invitational meets entirely due to prom conflicts.


Elma 103, Hoquiam 90, Montesano 86, Crescent 38, Onalaska 28

100 — 11.0 — Stark (E), Kelly (H), Birdsall (M). 200 — 22.3 — Kelly (H), Bremer (E), Darst (M). 400 — 55.5 — Roy (M), Truax (M), Bennett (E). 800 — 2:13.0 — Allen (E), Rose (H), Masciola (O). 1,600 — 4:55.1 — Farr (E), Girt (O), Starks (E). 3,200 — 10:51.0 — Allen (E), Girt (O), Starks (E). 110 H — 15.6 — Hughes (M), March (C), Scott (C). 300 H — 48.8 — Hughes (M), Scott (C). 4x100 R — 44.1 — Hoquiam, Elma, Montesano. 4x400 R — 3:33.5 — Elma, Montesano, Hoquiam.

HJ — 5-10 — Nauman (E), Lovell (M), Antoine Johnson (H). LJ — 19-5 — White (H), Lorton (E), Antoine Johnson (H). TJ — 40-10 — Nauman (E), Gray (E), Truax (M). PV — 10-6 — Peoples (M), tie between Louthan (M), A. Lopez (H) and Artimus Johnson (H). Shot — 46-4 — Pellegrino (M), Huffman (H), D. Lopez (H). Disc — 1:13.5 — Stevens (E), Wolfer (C), Pellegrino (M). Jav — 163-1 — Walker (C), Wolfer (C), Wakefield (H).


Hoquiam 121, Montesano 105, Crescent 52, Elma 29, Onalaska 25

100 —12.9 — Rose (H), Whitney (O), M. Floch (M). 200 — 26.3 — Skinner (H), Smith (H), M. Floch (M). 400 — 1:09.1 — McCormick (H), Baumgardner (H), Gist (O). 800 — 2:31.7 — Rudolph (M), Ostwald (M), Roble (M). 1,600 — 5:47.1 — Potter (M), Hayden (O), Roble (M). 3,200 — 13:24.0 — Hayden (O). 100 H — 18.0 — Lester (C), Christie (C), Wright (H). 300 H — 54.8 — Lester (C), Jines (E), Music (O). 4x100 R — 50.1 — Hoquiam. 4x200 R — 1:47.1 — Hoquiam. 4x400 R — 4:23.0 — Montesano, Onalaska, Hoquiam.

HJ — 5-0 — Johnson (H), S. Floch (M), Lipska (E). LJ — 14-7 — S. Floch (M), Johnson (H), Lester (C), TJ — 36-1 — Rose (H), Lipska (E), M. Floch (M). PV — 7-0 — Chapin (H), Clark (H), Johnson (M). Shot — 36-10 — Spradlin (M), Bradley (M), Kramer (H). Disc — 95-11 — Shamp (C), Spradlin (M), Bradley (M). Jav — 103-6 — Christie (C), Miller (M), Kramer (H).


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