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Grays Harbor Birds — Black-headed Grosbeak

The Black-headed Grosbeak is a bird of our summers, so it seems only fitting that it should be included in the Grays Harbor birds before it heads south for the winter. I have heard many reports from friends who have these lovely birds at their feeders, but I have yet to entice them to visit mine; maybe they aren’t fond of the beach. At any rate, here is a bit more information about them, and a great photo by Gregg Thompson.

Grays Harbor Birds — American Bittern

I keep promising myself more time spent looking for and at birds and less time spent at the computer, but I am woefully short of that promise to myself. Case in point is I have only seen this bird three times in the 30 plus years I have been a birder, and one of those sightings was inside the fenced enclosure at the La Brea Tar Pits, no more than 100 feet off Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, California! There it was, standing on a bed of reeds, out in plain sight. I knew no one would believe me, so I took a photo of the strange sight. That was the first one, and it made an impression. Here are some facts about this elusive bird.

Fish & Wildlife Weekender for August

Washingtonians are reeling in chinook and coho salmon off the coast, pulling up pots full of crab in Puget Sound, and casting for trout in alpine lakes on both sides of the Cascades. Summer fisheries are in full swing, providing some of the best fishing opportunities of the year.

The Fishing Corner: Plenty of options to fish during holiday weekend

The question looms — “what to do and where to fish” — over the Fourth of July weekend. It is understandable that fishing may not have been high on the radar of many on the Fourth; but there is still a chance some will be fishing over the weekend especially since the Fourth falls on a Friday. By now, most have already made a plan as far as fishing goes.

Contests and Promotions

Auto Racing Challenge
Pick your drivers!

New north peninsula sportfishing advocacy group created

If the Northwest Olympic Peninsula Sportfishing Coalition were a fish, it would be but a wee little smolt. Founded in late February, the NOPSC had its first public meeting on March 7 at the Forks High School auditorium. The meeting was well attended and held a friendly atmosphere throughout, as approximately 140 angling minded attendees exchanged concerns and ideas.

Grays Harbor Birds — Pileated Woodpecker

Those of us of a certain age are sure to look at this photo by Gregg Thompson and cannot help but think of Woody Woodpecker; the youngsters will not even know that name, as the Lantz Studios closed him down in 1972. If you are one of the youngsters, go look him up.