Van Dam, Parshall, Wright win at Grays Harbor Raceway

Hoquiam’s Jack Parshall grabbed his fifth A-main feature win of the season on Saturday night, highlighting a fast night of racing at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma.

Enumclaw’s Henry Van Dam finished off his first weekly show feature win in Elma this season to go with his two Summer Thunder Sprint Series wins. Aberdeen’s Willie Wright won his first hornets/outlaw tuners feature of the season.

This weekend, Grays Harbor Raceway will be a part of the Grays Harbor County Fair festivities with a 5 p.m. green-flag start. The modifieds, street stocks and the hornets/outlaw tuners will run during the fair.

Street Stocks

Parshall, who has never won a street stock/hobby stock track championship at Elma during his career, clinched up his fifth A-main feature on Saturday by driving through the field.

Aberdeen’s Shane Kerrigan and Shelton’s Brenton Schnitzer made up the first row. Olympia’s Eddie Blood took the lead when Kerrigan pulled off the track early in the race. Tacoma’s Mike Knox, Schnitzer and Wishkah’s Don Briggs Jr. pressured Blood, while Parshall moved from the near-back of the field to fifth.

Schnitzer collected Briggs Jr. and Parshall to bring out a caution flag. Blood maintained his lead, while Parshall overcame the accident to threaten midway through, passing Hoquiam’s Brian Izzi and Knox. Aberdeen’s Austin Kerrigan sat in second when Parshall made his move after a series of caution flags.

Blood used the battle for second between Kerrigan and Parshall to extend his lead, but was collected back into the field when lapped traffic slowed him up. Parshall eventually made his move on Kerrigan and easily caught Blood. The winning pass came with lapped traffic in front, allowing Parshall to sling-shot past Blood for the lead in the final laps.

Blood, Kerrigan, Izzi and Schnitzer rounded out the top-five spots.

360 sprints

Van Dam has split his time between Elma, Skagit Speedway and other West Coast dirt tracks before coming in on Saturday with a wire-to-wire win.

Only 10 360 sprint cars were in the entire field on Saturday, giving everyone plenty of room to run in the 25-lap A-main. Van Dam had some pressure from Vancouver’s Mike Romig, Shelton’s Jay Cole and Marysville’s Colton Heath in the race.

In the end, Van Dam grabbed the checkered flag. Heath, Everett’s Tyler Anderson, Cole, and Poulsbo’s Garrett Johnson rounded out the top five.

Outlaw Tuners

Wright would lead from the beginning, but needed a green-white-checkered restart finish to claim the A-main feature win on Saturday.

On a green, white, checkered restart, Wright would take the lead, with Tenino’s Chad Norton right on his back bumper. Wright would pull away enough, and go on to win the 15 lap feature. Chad Norton, Ocean Shores drivers Dale Vacknitz, Jeff Daniel and Dale Vacknitz Jr. would round out the top five.

Saturday’s Results

Street Stocks

Fast Time: 9 Jack Parshall

Heat 1: 1. 87 Brenton Schnitzer, 2. 97 Eddie Blood, 3. AK47 Austin Kerrigan, 4. 23 Nick Brammer, 5. 3D Shannon Redle, 6. 42 Daryl Brumfield, 7. 13XXX Don Briggs Jr, 8. 9 Jack Parshall

Heat 2: 1. 43 Shane Kerrigan, 2. 40 Mike Knox, 3. 11X Ross Watkins, 4. 17 Brian Izzi, 5. 91 Mike Clingen, 6. 41 Tim Phillips, 7. 19 Taylor Miller, 8. 12X Michael Brewster

Feature: 1. Parshall, 2. Blood, 3. A. Kerrigan, 4. Izzi, 5. Schnitzer, 6. Briggs Jr, 7. Phillips, 8. Watkins, 9. Brewster, 10. Brammer, 11. Brumfield, 12. Miller, 13. Knox, 14. Fugate, 15. Clingen, 16. S. Kerrigan, 17. Redle.

360 Sprint Cars

Fast Time: 50 Evan Margeson

Heat 1: 1. 33V Henry Van Dam, 2. 0J Jay Cole, 3. 50 Evan Margeson, 4. 15 Dan Dunlap, 5. Michael Hodel

Heat 2: 1. 22 Mike Romig, 2. 33 Colton Heath, 3. 97R Jason Reed, 4. 24 Tyler Anderson, 5. 3G Garrett Johnson

Feature: 1. Van Dam, 2. Heath, 3. Anderson, 4. Cole, 5. Johnson, 6. Hodel, 7. Romig, 8. Dunlap, 9. Margeson, 10. Reed

Outlaw Tuners

Heat Race: 1. 17 Willie Wright, 2. 75 Chad Norton, 3. 69 Don Briggs Sr. 4. 11. Ryan O’Nasch, 5. 4X John Irvin, 6. 96 Brittany Diggle, 7. 4 Dale Vacknitz Jr., 8. 8 Dale Vacknitz, 9. 14 Jeff Daniel

Feature: 1. Wright, 2. Norton, 3. Vacknitz, 4. Daniel, 5. Vacknitz Jr., 6. Diggle, 7. O’Nasch, 8. Briggs Sr., 9. Irvin


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