Willapa Harbor schools shine at Pacific County meet

ILWACO —Raymond’s boys and, at least tentatively, South Bend’s girls captured the team titles at the Pacific County Inviational track meet on Tuesday at Ilwaco.

South Bend’s girls were credited with 143 1/2 points, which would have put them 2 1/2 ahead of runner-up Willapa Valley. A possible scoring error, however, could swing the title to the Vikings.

There was no uncertainty about the boys team race. Raymond, with 184 points, finished 41 ahead of second-place Ilwaco.

Rayce Newman was a four-time winner for Raymond’s boys. He swept the 100 and 200-meter sprints, established a personal-best mark of 19-8 1/2 in winning the long jump and was part of the Gulls’ winning sprint relay team.

Raymond’s Alex Vaca won the boys 400 and 800 in relatively close proximity. Hunter Borden outdueled teammate Jayce Freeman in some closely contested hurdles races.

In the throws, Raymond’s Alan Phansisay topped his previous best by some 11 feet in winning the discus with a throw of 125-3. Darol Ratsavongsy took the shot. Teammate Pedro Villegas had a PR by some three feet in taking second.

Raymond’s Victor Hood was also cited for a 30-second PR in the boys 3,200 meters.

“Overall, I was really happy with the way the kids performed,” Gull coach Mike Tully said. “It was perfect track-meet weather — not too warm, not too cold. Next week is subs. We’re starting to fine-tune a bit, get things buttoned down and ready to roll.”

Reigning state champion Matt Konigsberger of Willapa Valley won the boys discus with a throw of 153-3.

South Bend’s Kathryn Staats set a school record of 39-9 in winning the girls shot put.

Tribe senior Makenzie Russell, rounding rapidly back into form following an injury, won the girls high jump at 5-4 and barely clipped the bar at 5-5. She also won the triple jump at 32-5.

South Bend’s Emily Sanchez was a double individual winner in the 200 mets and long jump. Tribe coach Steve Lazelle also cited the performance of Kaelani Collins in the 100 meters and relays.

“We’re right about where we want to be at this time, heading into subdistrict,” Lazelle said.

Willapa Valley’s Lauren Friese cleared 10 feet in the girls pole vault. Kate Rockett had an 86-8 throw in the discus.

Raymond will host a multi-school meet Thursday that will also include Willapa Valley. South Bend will be at Ocosta the same day.


Raymond 184, Ilwaco 143, South Bend 69, Willapa Valley 59, Naselle 49, Wahkiakum 31

100 — 11.47 — Newman (R), Konigsberger (WV), Malmstadt (I). 200 — 24.0 — Newman (R), Burns (Wah), Bingham (Wah). 400 — 52.18 — Vaca (R), Konigsberger (WV), van Gelder (I). 800 — 2:17.4 — Vaca (R), Bucio (SB), Mendoza (I). 1,600 — 5:04.4 — Sutherland (I), Brownlee (I), Mendoza (I). 3,200 — 11:14.2 — Sutherland (I), Scheller (I), Hood (R). 110 H — 15.7 — Borden (R), Freeman (R), Sath (R). 300 H — 43.8 — Borden (R), Freeman (R), Sanchez (SB). 4x100 R — 46.34 — Raymond, Willapa Valley, Ilwaco. 4x400 R — 3:41.50 — Raymond, Ilwaco, Naselle. 4x800 R — Ilwaco, Raymond.

Shot — 43-10 — Ratsavongsy (R), Villegas (R), Hamilton (R), Disc —125-3 — Phansisay (R), Bell (I), Kirkman (N). Jav —153-3 — Konigsberger (WV), Thompson (I), Ogilvie (SB). HJ — 5-8 — Carter (N), Johnson (SB), Quigley (Wah). PV— 11-6 — Wulf (N), Cook (WV), DeLong (WV). LJ — 19-8 1/2 — Newman (R), Johnson (SB), Hansen (SB). TJ — 38-2 1/2 — See (N), Buchanan (WV), Schenk (I).


South Bend 143 1/2, Willapa Valley 141, Ilwaco 90, Wahkiakum 56, Raymond 49 1/2, Naselle 32

100 — 12.83 — Collins (SB), Hodel (WV), Peacock (Wah). 200 — 28.9 — Sanchez (SB), Peacock (Wah), Hodel (WV). 400 — 1:07.1 — Fleck (I), Heywood (Wah), Garcis (R). 800 — 2:34.4 — Pearson (SB), Cook (WV), Hoffman (SB). 1,600 — Benerati (I), Feil (I), Hoffman (SB). 3,200 — Collins (R), Kudasik (WV), Larew (WV). 100 H — 16.9 — Lindstrom (I), K. Friese (WV), Chapman (N). 300 H — 50.4 — Lindstrom (I), Chapman (N), Abbott (Wah). 4x100 R — 53.3 — South Bend, Willapa Valley, Ilwaco. 4x200 R — 1:54.9 — South Bend, Wahkiakum, Ilwaco. 4x400 R — 4:36.7 — Ilwaco.

Shot — 39-9 — Staats (SB), Garcia (R), Chapman (WV). Disc — 86-8 — Rockett (WV), Garcia (R), Chapman (WV). Jav — 104-11 — Staats (SB), Ellsworth (I), tie between Rockett (WV) and McMillan (I). HJ — 5-4 — Russell (SB), Barton (WV), Chapman (N). PV — 10-0 — L. Friese (WV), Smaciarz (WV), K. Friese (WB). LJ — 15-9 — Sanchez (SB), Hodel (WV), Kousonhsavath (WV). TJ — 32-5 — Russell (WB), Kousonhsavath (SB), Flemetis (R).


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