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Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik pays no attention to rumors about his job status

ARLINGTON, Texas — Jack Zduriencik can’t hide from the rumors about his future employment. Whether it was speculation about the Mariners’ interest in former Detroit Tigers president Dave Dombrowski, who this week signed a contract with the Boston Red Sox, or the failures during the much-hyped 2015 season, which is trending toward the fifth losing campaign in his seven-year tenure as general manager.

Grays Harbor Birds: Great Blue Heron

I would guess that everyone has seen one of these birds standing in a ditch or slowly stalking its prey, completely focused on whatever it has in its sight. I often see 10 or 12 of them standing in the water just below Highway 109 before it heads up into the s-curves at Grays Harbor City. I still watch them as they stand for long moments, waiting until just the right time to strike. They seldom miss. It’s all very Zen, and I can almost feel my breathing slow and my body relax as if in tune with the heron’s concentration. This photo by Mike Hamilton shows the successful catch of a tadpole, hopefully a bullfrog, a real pest in our neck of the woods.