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Dinner plans, title run set for Bulldogs

The ritual has become second nature for Montesano. The last weekend of May is set aside for the state softball tournament and has been since 1998. Directions to Columbia Playfields in Richland are probably still stuck in the GPS of a few parents, while others have had reservations at hotels in the area since before the Bulldogs secured a berth in the state field with a 6-1 district consolation final win over Hoquiam on Sunday.

Grays Harbor Birds — American Pipit

During the recent Grays Harbor Shorebird &Nature Festival, a woman showed me a photo she had taken of a non-shorebird that had dropped down in front of her out on the Sandpiper Trail. She wanted to know what I thought it was, and with just a short hesitation I blurted out “American Pipit.” It’s not that I have seen a lot of pipits, but they are fairly distinctive and unlike most other Grays Harbor birds with which I am acquainted. This photo by Gregg Thompson shows one in non-breeding plumage.