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Sloppy Mariners fall to Twins

SEATTLE —Could it really have been less than 24 hours before that Felix Hernandez and the Mariners rolled to a crisp and clean 2-0 shutout win over the Minnesota Twins in just 2 hours and 3 minutes?

Grays Harbor Birds — Bald Eagle

For those of you keeping track of the birds in this column, you’re probably saying, “Hey, didn’t you just do a piece on the Bald Eagle?” And you would be right … I did. But, I am doing so again to make a point. I get asked several times a year about Golden Eagles out on the beach, and while I have learned never to say never, we just don’t see Golden Eagles in Grays Harbor County.

Harvick’s drive to the top of NASCAR

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Even a mind honed to absolute focus from years of driving up to 200 mph for hours at a time can be blown. Even a heart conditioned to a sitting rate of 47 beats per minute can come thumping through your chest at the strangest times. Kevin Harvick realized these things Tuesday on the south lawn of the White House, in the bright afternoon sunlight, when the man standing next to him started to speak.

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