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Serena survives rough first set, defeats Bertens in second round

NEW YORK — Her match over, Serena Williams threw on a white T-shirt and moved almost directly to an outside practice court with her coach. A news conference and other niceties could wait. A crowd formed in the little grandstand by the far practice court, bigger than those at some of the actual U.S. Open playing courts as Williams worked on serves, especially second serves.

Serena Williams has finally decided what she wants out of life: Everything

For a long time, it was impossible to tell what Serena Williams wanted. Did she want to be a café society girl? Did she want to be a clothing empress? Did she want a long career playing tennis, or was the game simply a means to a more glamorous and less work intensive gig? In her peripatetic middle years she dressed with more purpose than she played, seemed more interested in cunning little pleats than in competition. That’s over now. Williams knows what wants, and what she wants is all of it, a clean sweep of Melbourne, Paris, London and New York.

Grays Harbor Birds: Great Blue Heron

I would guess that everyone has seen one of these birds standing in a ditch or slowly stalking its prey, completely focused on whatever it has in its sight. I often see 10 or 12 of them standing in the water just below Highway 109 before it heads up into the s-curves at Grays Harbor City. I still watch them as they stand for long moments, waiting until just the right time to strike. They seldom miss. It’s all very Zen, and I can almost feel my breathing slow and my body relax as if in tune with the heron’s concentration. This photo by Mike Hamilton shows the successful catch of a tadpole, hopefully a bullfrog, a real pest in our neck of the woods.