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Royals crush Giants to force winner-take-all Game 7 in World Series

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The bottom of the second inning Tuesday night lasted 40 pitches, a lifetime in one dugout and a blur in the other. The San Francisco Giants watched a possible coronation devolve into a painful slog. The Kansas City Royals turned an existential fight into a giddy celebration. The crowd at Kaufmann Stadium exalted and waved blue towels and hollered for more, and more they will — everybody will — get.

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Short series, classic finishes, and an October weekend without baseball

SAN FRANCISCO — A decade from now, even a year from now, this National League Championship Series may seem like a blowout. The San Francisco Giants, in the midst of a five-year run that can be characterized as either impressive or unlikely, put away the St. Louis Cardinals in five games. Busch Stadium waited to welcome all those fans in red this weekend, the Cardinals still alive. Alas, it will sit quiet and empty.