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Grays Harbor Birds — Northern Shrike

The Latin name of the Northern Shrike means “butcher watchman,” but don’t cue the scary music yet; this bird only targets smaller birds and mammals. Still, with that sort of a name, this bird makes an interesting subject of study. Unfortunately I have yet to see one in my neighborhood, so have to depend on the tales of those who have seen at least one. This photo by Gregg Thompson shows how intently the bird concentrates.

A former co-worker once told me that, when considering career options, she’d divide a legal-sized pad of paper in half and list the pros and cons of making a change on opposite sides.

Zags earn another trip to NCAA tourney

LAS VEGAS — Gonzaga withstood multiple challenges by Brigham Young here Tuesday night in the West Coast Conference basketball final before finally dispatching the Cougars, 91-75, to claim WCC’s automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.