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Grays Harbor Birds — Bald Eagle

General Description: The Bald Eagle dwarfs most birds and as is the case with all raptors, the female is larger than the male. They are from 28 to 37.8 inches tall, with a wing span of just over 80 inches, and they weigh a hefty 10 to 14 pounds for the females and 8 to 10 pounds for the males. The adult bird has a dark brown body and wings with a white head and tail, yellow feet and bill, and pale yellow eyes. The immature birds are dark brown with patches of white, and do not reach full adult plumage until 4 to 6 years of age. They may live as long as 40 years.

Fish & Wildlife Weekender for December

Despite the winter chill, Washingtonians have plenty of reasons to head outdoors during the holiday season. Steelhead are surging up coastal rivers, waterfowl hunting is in full swing, and birders are gearing up around the state for the annual Christmas Bird Count.

Grays Harbor Birds — Horned Grebe

The Horned Grebe is most often seen in our area in its winter plumage, shown here about to eat a shrimp, and photographed by Gregg Thompson. I wish I could show you the entire sequence of photos from when the shrimp is caught to becoming merely a bulge in the grebes’ neck. I have always been amazed at the things some of the water birds can swallow and this photo clearly demonstrates that ability.