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Serena Williams has finally decided what she wants out of life: Everything

For a long time, it was impossible to tell what Serena Williams wanted. Did she want to be a café society girl? Did she want to be a clothing empress? Did she want a long career playing tennis, or was the game simply a means to a more glamorous and less work intensive gig? In her peripatetic middle years she dressed with more purpose than she played, seemed more interested in cunning little pleats than in competition. That’s over now. Williams knows what wants, and what she wants is all of it, a clean sweep of Melbourne, Paris, London and New York.

Felix pitches M’s to win over Texas

SEATTLE — With a bullpen situation that left manager Lloyd McClendon making a reference to excrement pregame, Felix Hernandez needed to do more than just give his team a chance — he also needed to give his overworked teammates a rest.