Festival season in full swing on Harbor

With temperatures expected to soar in inland Western Washington, expect people to flock toward the coast, and there are a number of fun options around Grays Harbor this weekend. Here’s a brief roundup of the major events:

Car fire at the gas pumps in Elma

The Shell Station in Elma was evacuated for a short time Thursday afternoon after a car caught fire near the station’s gas pumps. No one was injured during the fire, said Elma Fire Battalion Chief Tyson Boling.



Should church leaders shame members to stop sinning?

Rev. Justin Hoye, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Kansas City, North: Much like fire can be either devastating or enriching in its use, so too can shame. While shaming is often not the first tool we use in addressing a person’s sin, it certainly can be employed as a means to invoke healthy change.

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